I gotta be honest with you.

I´m the worse smoker you´ll ever meet.

Despite what all my friends used to tell me all the time, I always smoke when I´m already hammered or on my way to get drunk, so you can imagine how my ten-ish experiences have gone down. That being said, the last two times I did it among friends I started to get the full experience out of it, so I´m not closed at all to keep the smoking coming every once in a while.

I´m not a heavy smoker, I would define myself as a special ocassions smoker; maybe on a birthday or when I´m visiting someone or some times when I´m on a friend´s gathering. Or if you may, I´m a freaking rookie; I´m the newbie in the group of friends, every time.

You might wonder then, wtf is this n00b doing here, what does he have to add to the community or give to the platform?

To be honest, not that much. I´m here to learn from you and I´ll also be posting about satiric subjects related to the smoke blockchain.

Besides, i invested a few bucks in the coin and I have certain faith if you may call it like that, both in the development of the blockchain and the coin itself.

My posting behaviour will be a lot more chill and relaxed than in other blockchain based social platforms... that´s the point of smoking, right? To chill and to be yourself without any judgement from other people.

I won´t be posting about weed but I will definitely be posting inspired in the values and mindset smoking weed gives us. I think that is as fair as posting about weed itself. Posts inspired in the lifestyle, freedom and relaxed mindset weed gives us, could actually give the community different points of view about this ecosystem being created.

I hope we can co-exist together and we all watch smoke moon :D


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Rofl didn´t notice the shirt since that´s the only photo I look good on.

Damn... now we have to make custom shirts.

I´m such a Poser, kill me now.


you got more pictures where you look handsome on.

You got it completely right man. I'ts about the mindset and not about being "the most badass smoker". Myself, I only smoke really rarely like you since it just works and feels better for me. Welcome to smoke :)


Yeah man, I think that if we close our options to only "weed related content" we are going to miss out so many great posts/valuable info, so what's better than to expand the smoke community to a "weed mindset related posts" and that way, our community universe expands so much and it also stays inside the main idea of the platform? Let's see where the community takes us, either way, here's out two cents.

Welcome amigo!!! I have seen you around and thinking, isn't he not gonna post?? :D Yes, I'm such a creep and you know it! LOLOL

I´m the worse smoker you´ll ever meet.

Wrong! That's because you haven't seen me smoke just yet! LOL I won't be posting all weed also, in a bit, it's going to be all munchiessss hahaha

I have certain faith as well and invest a bit that I was able to. Oh my! this is going to be fun having you around. You'll add the CREATIVITIES AND IDEAS!!! I'm so sure and yes, looking forward to it! :D

You start the mooning yourself bro. @anomadsoul to the moon <3

Chilling pic my dear!

Smoky thoughts, that whats it all about.

Thank you for your vote on my post! I think you'll fit in just fine here, nothing wrong with being the "newbie" or completely green (heh) at something! Especially smoking! Smoking is something that should be enjoyed at one's own personal discretion, so to each their own man! I'm sure you live just as fulfilling of a life with it as without it, so if you enjoy it time to time, have at it! Cheers to ya! I'm a big fan of satire of any sort, so I'll definitely have to check in and see what you've got in store for us. Sometimes I think it's nice to have the open-mindedness of a non-daily, non-heavy smoker, such as yourself, to give a bit of variety of perspective on life with and without smoking and just how similar and cohesive they can be! Best wishes on here mate!

Peace and love.

Heeeyyyy @anomadsoul! misslasvegas here, but changed the name to a more appropriate one for this platform! Great to see you here too! Love this photo :) You can borrow my smoke shirt when we're in Poland and do another post lol :)

Awesome looking dogs you got there

Followed you