New user/ introducemyself. Who the fuck i am...

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Goodnight, who I am...

Dear reader, I would like to present to you, the first that nothing my name is Jesus Villarre al I am 24 years old and I am a graphic artist. Up to now I work as an Illustrator and designer (freelancer), practical drawing, above all the lettering, Venezuelan-born and bred in this "motherland" through a friend I have come to this web page.

In fact my tastes are several, I love the design so much as a kitchen and business, I have my second user to only upload my works and art projects and design.

From an early age I loved and studied arts and painting, a time I work in the music, but I've changed this by painting, I also enjoy graffiti (a thing which no longer I have been able to perform certain problems...) anyway I have participated in different projects indoles in addition am muralist and entrepreneur.

I have a project in which I have been working hard (I hope then upload it and to enjoy it) my project is based on creating a personal brand where you can enjoy my designs and buy new products.
I am lover of death, I enjoy the culture behind, the occult, the dark arts and magic, not why I define myself as someone Gothic or dark, these issues seem only fascinating are something to which people have little knowledge or become t Aboo for these...

I have a dream and goals which I hope to slowly carry them out... the creativity and inspiration the meeting on these issues, it strikes me much art Gothic and Renaissance, I define myself as a lover of this, for the moment to abandon my studies p or problems in my country... but this will not let me back since I always keep in the latest trends and keep abreast in studies and love to learn new things...

Create my following post based on what I've created... Thank you for visiting dear reader.




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Thanks man, now I know who the fuck you are😁😁😁


haha, Thanks to u bro. Good vibes