The Pain I Feel. Is life truly unfair.

10 months ago

The Pain I Feel.



Life they say is unfair. I keep asking myself what makes it unfair. The truth of the matter is life is truly unfair but sometimes I feel our expectations in life makes us feel life is unfair.


What makes life unfair?

  • Our expectations in life.
  • We always want more in life
  • We always want to be like someone
  • We sometime fail to learn more
  • We sometime feel we are better than some people
  • We sometime make the little advantage we have blind us not to even see the good in some other people
  • Some of us also feel we are too special than some other people

Why do I say this? Some people may agree with me, others may not. I say this because everyone on earth is here for a reason, being it a blind person, a cripple, a poor person, a rich person even a mad person, we are all here for a reason. We can all as individuals on earth help one way or the other strengthen each other in a way that we ourselves may not even realise we are doing. Saying the world is unfair and a wicked place to be is true, yes! But ask your self "what have I done to make this place a better place? Or what can I do to make this place a better place?". There is a lot we all as individuals can do to help build a better place and enjoyable place on earth no matter our status in life.
One thing we must have in mind (whether you believe or not) is that we are all one, created by one God. What makes us different is just color. Me having a red shirt and also a blue shirt doesn't mean my red shirt is better as compared to my blue shirt, NO! I ware all this to cover my nakedness that is what the shirt is for.. That is what we humans on earth should see ourselves. No matter our color, our status in life or our abilities or disabilities we are here on earth for one thing and that is to help each other to make this place a better place to be.

My Short Story

Let me share this short story with you.
I was fortunate to attend a senior high school (SHS) missed up with both people with abilities and disabilities (visually impaired). In my final year, one of my mates who is a visually impaired student contested for the head prefect of the school and won. Two years later after we had completed our (SHS) I heard he was a student of the University of Ghana Legon. I saw in one magazine publication that this same blind guy I am talking about says "he will be the next president of Ghana in the year 2058".

What can be learnt from the story

This is the little I want to say about the short story above. Even that blind guy had a dream of coming to be a president so he can make his whole country a better place to be, how much you who can see clearly, can walk, can talk or live a normal abled life with no disabilities. We can do and be better, so let us purpose in our hearts and lives to do well to make this world a better place for ourselves and let us stop blaming other people for our misfortumes because if we step up and channel our strength, knowledge and abilities into productive ventures, in next few years to come we would be able to change the lives of other people around us. That is what we are here for. Never giveup because you are poor, a sickler or even a disabled person. Join other inovative groups in your community, be with friends who will encourage you not people who are always discouraging you because of sometime you can not do. Because this world can be a better place if all whether rich or poor join our hands togather to build it.

To help make this world a better place I suggest that anyone who reads this post should share it with someone to encourage that person in life. All this can help make someone some where broken hearted rise up again and take that step that will make him feel human again. Let us join hands to make this world a better place.



How do we make life look a little fair to live it?

My thoughts: what I am going to share below are just my idea about life. If you agree let me know and tell me why you agree, if you do not let me know and why you disagree.

  • We can see life to be very fair if we can cut down our expectations in life. Most of us in our generation and the generations to come will come to see fancy buildings, expensive car, beautiful ladies and handsome men. It doesn't mean because you are seeing those things they should all be yours at once. No! The little you have should be enough for you. Do not covet other people's wealth because you may not know how they came by what they have. Let be content with what we have and work hard to gain more to help others around us because that is what we are here on earth for.

  • There is this common saying that goes like this "we live to learn". Life itself is a lesson, we learn always from our mistakes, success, weakness and even our strength. A person who does not learn from life will always feel life is unfair. Life has a lot to give if only you are ready to learn new things.

  • We humans are equally created and no matter how wealthy one may be he or she will not be buried in space or can not get for him or her self two additional head on his or her neck to make him or her different from other people. We are all one people, so let see ourselves as such. Let not discriminate each one. The feeling that we are better than some people will always break us apart and will rather make life unfair for some innocent people some where.

This is the little I will like that share about my biggest pain as a human on earth. Let strive to make this world a better place to be.

Kindly share your comments below. Upshare ^ the post so others will know the relevants of this message. Thank you


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Wow what a great post, Thank you for sharing I can relate very well to your post. I have had much harship in my like and often find it difficult to find life fair, esspecially when you are a capable individual with little opportunity it can be hard.

I am now following keep the posts coming I am looking forward to reading more from ya!


I am very happy you find this post helpful and important. Thanks very much