The difference between Cannabis Sativa & Cannabis Indica

2 years ago

Hemp has been grown since ancient times and has practical utility in households.
The most popular types of hemp are sativa and indica, the first used in rural communities.


Cannabis sativa differs from cannabis indica, first of all, from the outward appearance, according to

The sativa plants are taller, larger branches, and the leaves are narrower. They are usually grown in the field.

According to, the effects of the two types of hemp are different. While the indica is like a sedative, sativa has stimulating and energizing effects, like a cup of coffee.

Cannabis indica also has a specific smell. In my country, Romania, consumption of cannabis has increased in recent years, even if it's illegal, according to the most recent report of the National Anti-drug Agency (ANA).

Cannabis continues to be the most consumed drug in Romania, both in the general population and in the school population.


Also, with the entry of the Penal Code and the implementation of treatment measures as an alternative to imprisonment, it has also become the major drug for which assistance is mainly sought in the outpatient treatment system.

After a period of decline, there are signs of an increase in the consumption of new psychoactive substances among the general population, especially young people.

However, the problems related to them are declining, the number of treatment admissions or NSP-related emergencies decreasing compared to the previous year.


References: LeafScience,,, Leafly, thenewamsterdam

Keep smoking, smokers! What's your favourite, sativa or indica?

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Great information. is awesome. I read all the Strain reviews there. I find that They are very accurate.


Thank you!

Im thinking about finding some 50/50 THX/CBH hybrid.


I do this.... I mix 1/4 gram Charlotte’s Web (20 % CBD) with 1/4 gram Blue Dream (20% THC)

you forgot to add ruderalis to this group of cannabis types. Its only recently become popular as growers stabilize potency results.

Yes... Yes... I read about it... Good! Let the people around the world be educated about Cannabis. Good job! (^_^)

Wow Great information, i thought its all the same. Meaning my old friends are smoking indica type.

Great article @jwolf I prefer indica. Only because he's very generous with his upvotes lol

On a serious note. Never knew the difference before. I just know their strains are different. Thanks for educating me ;)

Sativa FTW...

Thank you for not using the #marijuana ...

I like a mix of the two... a heavy THC buzz full of creativity and mental stimulation; heavier on the indica


Great information

mostly i use indica cannabis in my drawings , but ill try for Sativa also

The difference is important!

I don't have a favorite, I like both.. ;9)