What happened to the image?

8 months ago

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea what happened to my image on this post.

It was a picture I took of a kids book:

Has anyone else had any issues with images disappearing?


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Yep I had this. Lol the tag though "censorship".

It has been reported a few times, I think this is a bug.


censorship wasn't added because I believe it was, it is added because of the relevance of the topic.

The problem was the same on Steem 2 years ago but hasn't been an issue for well over a year so, there is a fix for it.

If you're having problems with images, try using imgur. Just paste the image url. Same with youtube videos.


The only reason I have an imgur account is because of this same problem (that was solved 1.5 years ago on Steem). Workarounds are fine, solutions are better as it reduces barriers and improves experience.

I think there are some issues with the proxy that resizes the images when uploaded.


It used to happen on steem a very long time ago. If I remember correctly it had something to do with links on the server breaking but unsure now. It was fixed though.

Yeah even faced this issue! You can use https://imageresize.org/ . It's very helpful. Credits to @murda-ra for showing this :) You can change the size and format of the picture. Hope this is helpful


I have no issue with workarounds other than this one already has a solution on Steem.

Yes, I got same this issue
When I face this, I upload the picture on steemit or on https://imgur.com and I copy the image url and paste here .
Hope that will work for you.
Have a great and profitable day.


Workarounds aren't great for user experience, better to fix it.


I agree fully with you.
Hope to be fixed soon as sometime work fine and sometime no !

Yeah, I have had heaps of problems loading my pictures ever since I joined smoke.i.o. Every time I load a picture it just says " loading" for a couple of minutes and then " loaded 100%", then no picture. I have had to use https://postimages.org/ to load all my pictures, bong on bro. :-)


Yeah, it needs to be fixed for new users.

LOL never happened to me, weird tho'


It is common, and likely posts will be lost at times that are written straight into the browser. It will get fixed in time but it shouldn't take as long as it took on Steem. :)