Few tricks on how to roll a sexy lookin' joint!

2 years ago

High smokaz, hope that you're doing great today!

I remember my early days when I started to smoke herb, I just wanted someone to roll that J and to smoke. But, as time went by, I wanted to learn how to roll and more, I wanted to learn how to roll a very good sexy-lookin' joint.

In this post, I will lead you through steps on how to roll a joint and I will give you my few tricks.

Put some music on. You can't roll without the music :) I am currently listening to Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5.

Choose some badass nugget and grind it. When you grind it, you can rotate a few times clockwise and a few times counterclockwise to be sure it's all grinded in there. If you don't have a grinder, jump onto step 2.

After you took your weed out of the grinder, use your fingers to remove anything that is not the flower. you don't need this shizzle because it doesn't have THC in it and it can easily put a hole in your joint and then you'll have a hard time puffing that. After you're left only with weed, try to chop it up a bit more with your fingers.

STEP 4 (optional)
If you smoke your J with tobacco then chop it up as you did it with the weed. You don't need those long parts of tobacco in your joint, it just messes up your rolling. When you're finished chopping it, mix it up with da weed.

If you use filters, make one in the shape of the word W. It will block tiny parts of weed/tobacco entering your mouth. Then when you want to put your weed in papers, you want to put filter like it's showed in the photo below. Put it so that a small part of the filter is peeking out of the paper. I'm gonna tell you why in the next step.

Put your holy weed in the papers and now when you put it, just slide you filter inside the paper so that there is no any empty area there. This is important to do because this is the breaking point of joint. If you do this badly, your joint will be flabby.

Even up your weed with the width of your filter. Don't make a tiny filter and then put a lot of weed in there. You need your joint to be aerodynamic, act like it then xD When you do all of this, it's time to roll a joint like you do any other one... Use your fingers to shape your joint so that it's stiff when you hold it. After you licked that sticky part, start to stick it to another part of the joint from the top side ( opposite of filter, the side where you light the J)

Hit few times with a side of the joint where is the filter so you slightly jam that weed inside. Don't this too much or too hard because you don't want to end up with jammed joint. After this, use the filter of a cigarette or a pencil to jam the top part a bit more.

Light up that joint, enjoy your mind and have something healthy to drink and eat. Don't forget to spread some love around, every single day.

I hope this will help you a bit. If you are a new roller, don't worry because we were all there once. Try to find your way how to roll because there are many other tips you can know from others.

What do you think, how do you roll your joints? Share your tips with me, I want my joint to look sexier! :D

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Thanks! <3

Nice guide man! Although I prefer fat joints :D


haha I love them aerodynamic but fatass joints are not bad indeed :)

I haven't rolled one up in a while, I should get some papers and sit down and practice, see where I'm at.
For removing stems and seeds, a weed tray is optimal. even just a paper plate can do. Then I use a credit card to brush the leafy weed up and let the stems and seeds fall down.
I'm also not one to mix it up with tobacco, but to each their own.


Nice man... Everyone has its way and that's great to see :D I wish I couldn't smoke with tobacco but it is how it is... At least I don't smoke cigarettes, only when I need it for my J :)