Curation High Contest Results !

last year

Curation High!

In my mission to promote quality content, what comes along with that, is curation and rewards for curation. What this means is that I will be working towards voting quality content, manually, in time for curation.

I may not always make the curation deadlines for posts, but I will still be giving votes to posts with good quality and value. :)



The authors have been chosen and here they are!
Unfortunately and fortunately, there were not a lot of new authors added to my list.
(Bad because there wasn't a large number of new, good because that means I'm already following quality authors!)

Already following:

@adelepazani @bongripper427 @cannabis
@dreamteam @freetheweed @goldendawne
@infamous @jessica @jezsmith720
@kiefpreston @lexsmoke @loworbit
@maryjane @masterroshi @mbj
@mjgeeks @offgrid @skylinebuds

Following now:

@dreamon @rawpride @simplisick @thanos
Quality content! Quality reviews! Quality content! Quality content!
Liked the scissor hits! Seen them around! :P Needs more activity! Interesting posts!


Rewards ended up being around 7~SMOKE each, so to make things easier, I simply paid out 7 SMOKE each. :)

Thank you to all who participated! Next contest will have much larger rewards!


Thanks to everyone for their continuing support!

I feel that I no longer need to campaign on my posts, as I have gotten to a position that was much better than I could've asked for at the current time.

You should still click here >> VOTE << and vote for other witnesses that you believe are doing positive things to help out our wonderful community! Many great people care a lot about this place!

Thank you all, again!

Peace and Love!


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Thanks @howhigh

Lets grow together..

Thank you so much
You have been so helpful and kept on supporting us
from the day one
Keep up the good work

Thanks @howhigh 😃

OH I LIKE this!! I don;t think I am following the ones you mentioned in the second group.

Heading offline for the evening but will be looking at ALL the members in the morning.

thank you!!


Definitely worth checking out! :)

Sounds great! Thank you for the continuing support as well! :)
Hope u have a great night!

very good

Thank-You @Howhigh!!

Thanks buddy.


Thanks for making some suggestions. :)


BTW, you should really post more. Would love more content from you!


I've been busy, beyond my normal standards. Back to content!

Thanks for the smoke and thanks for your amazing contributions and positive engagements so far, keep up the good work. Good to have someone like you here.

cool project and very interesting !

Hey @howhigh! I'm new here. Not interested in rewards but I am interested in any tips or help you might give me to get the Blazin' MeMe Contest out there.

You are so generous man, good job for curating good content.