Some problems at

2 years ago

By now,i am subscribed to this network for about 9 days and i am not a pro with blockchain therefor i wanna ask fellow co-smokers how i can activate my 'smoke' i only receive sp=smoke power for my posts...after 7 i miss out all my smokecoins or is it just normal that one receives solely SP in the beginning of have signed up at tried following instructions which wont work for me...i tried to send 1smoke to the smoke-network....they said my name 'eureka doesnt have a account...all help on this is much appreciated as i dont know what to do with this error!i also send out an email to smoke-network,describing the problem...maybe i just have to have abit more patience?!

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Right now all smoke rewards is in SP, you can power down for liquid smoke.

Yeah as @trees said. Smoke is paid out in smoke power, If you want liquid smoke you will have to start to power down and that takes how ever many smoke you power down and splits that in to 13 even payouts.

Ah thanks alot...its confusing for me...kewl that you two make it clear to things work...its confusing though i couldnt find these facts explained!!!mucho gracias amigos,now i wont worry!!!this is just how things work over here!cheers!


As far as the, have you checked the instructions of ? I only used bitshares so far.