Cannabis Helped Me Rediscover My Sleeping Pattern of Old but is it the CBN?

7 months ago

Those who know me from the other side may remember that around a year ago I was hospitalized for 12 days with pneumonia and then some.

I generally come from a rather healthy family and until mid fourties health issues are rare for most in the family. My mom being the exception, but that due to a poorly treated and bad whiplash rather than other health issues.


With the exception of two still rather unexplained ER visits, I never really struggled with my health. The first one was probably sports related, the second one I entered ER with high fever and all that resulted from things was that I was diagnosed with house dust allergies. Oh and I missed almost four months of that school year. Still passed though. But it was never known what I actually had, all doctors could tell was “a virus”. My allergies were eventually cured wi

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I have some sleeping pattern issues. I have actually no proper timing schedule, i sometimes remain awake till morning and sometimes go to sleep 7pm and wakes at around 2 am while everyone else is sleeping. Even medicine haven't worked on me and i have given up any medication.

But now with your experience, i now am planning to try it. I have a cousin of mine who is going to provide me with cannabis, called "Bhang" in urdu language. And i'll share my experience with the community soon.

Hope it works for me just like it worked for you.


Remember I have no scientific evidence here. This is purely observational, but I’m definitely not the only to have experienced positive effects on sleeping issues.

Good luck, and let us know how it worked for you. 🦇


Yep, i understand. Sure, i'll post about it.


I was struggling with insomnia for long due to opoid abuse and I used cannabis to wean off the opoid and then also cannabis help me to heal my sleeping problem. With one good joint you ate okay. I noticed when I micro dose it works well for me than when I inhale too much cannabis.

I have no scientifical evidence also but my life and health improve drastically with cannabis. Consult your medical doctor before using cannabis. I live in a Third World country the doctors will call the cops on anyone who tell them he or she want to use cannabis

Im glad to hear that you are alright now. I myself ave unusual sleeping patterns which developed due to my job making me wake up early and my being hating to go to sleep early or the first one to go to sleep. So I got used to sleeping around 4h in the night and then 2 at work when its my breaktime. So when I got to sleep eariler i tend to wake up earlier which gets annoying after a while.


I hear you. I can operate very long periods on 4-4.5 hours only but I need my truly deep sleep to live that way and that one I didn’t have until I started toking regularly again. Never was a nap taker. Hate it. 🦇

And thanks, ‘t was rather brutal all those toxins but apparently it’s that or nothing with pneumonia. Nothing often ending 6 feet under and that’s not an option either.


This way its better. Live Long and Prosper my friend. 🖖

Good article. You should head to a sleep lab and get some tests. Insurance should cover it.


Meh. Then eventually I will be back to here... looking for natural methods.

Not every place supports MMJ, or has already legalized it. Additionally, I have maxed out my insurance coverage while in the hospital. Another half year to go before the balance resets. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I like my body to deal with things and learn to work/adapt to them. The body is amazing and can fight a lot. And doctors... they like chemicals.

I like plants.