Vapes making people sick and killing

6 months ago

This is a conspiracy theory post

I can't help it, but something is wrong here. All the sudden after years of people vaping, now people are getting sick and even dying from it. Then I started thinking about alcohol prohibition and how the government put poison in the product which lead to the death of people and didn't stop people from drinking. And then it clicked what if this is take two and they are doing it again? I feel it in my bones, I can't prove it but I am sure I am not far off.


I do have history to back up this theory

The United States government did it before. Why wouldn't they do it again or even any other government? Here is a link of what they did to try to stop people from drinking. Sadly some did die and it feels like it is happening again.

I have been warning about counterfeit vapes for a while

But we need to be careful and use safe products cut with terpenes from trusted sources. If you are not sure of how it was made don't risk it. We need prohibition of marijuana to end. So people can grow their own in quantities where they can make everything themselves so they know exactly what is in their medicine if that is what they choose to do.

But this feels wrong to me

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Am I the only one feeling this way? Or am I on to something? Regardless I am gonna avoid carts for a while. Better safe than sorry. I will do carts again when I can make them myself from grow to cart. Paranoid maybe but history likes to repeat and I don't trust my government. I love my country but my government is not to be trusted.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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Vapes, before #newprohibition, were already in the line of fire of regulators due to unknown chemicals being mixed in.

In the USA, Canada (and also Japan) they probably had least opposition as those were the main markets of Big Tobacco and their e-cigs, thus lobby money.

But the EU has had several member states who wanted to outlaw them. Even without legal weed.

#NewProhibition just made them even more fashionable a thing due to legal Marijuana. And, then of course, all the fakes which are cut with who knows what the frak.

They always were full of unknown chemicals. All there's behind is not some conspiracy, just Big Tobacco lobby money.

The knock offs are really starting to scare me. I think I'm gonna stop using them once I burn through my current supply... At least until I can exclusively get them from a dispensery is make them.

Well, I don't know much about the US but in Nigeria, we have a lot of fake Vapes all around us.

They kept importing very bad vapes to our country! I wrote an article in that regards here:

I can't get into ejuice. I wish I could though, I've made my own before which I felt alot better about inhaling but still couldn't get into it. I'm a smoker for life I guess🤷‍♂️

I commented this on another post that was oddly negative towards vaping.

So I'm just going to leave this here also:

  • Vaporizing a substance is always healthier than smoking it. Vaporizing isn't synonymous with healthy, but it is definitely healthier than inhaling smoke. Smoke from anything contains carginogens - even our beloved cannabis.

  • Vaporizing literally means you are turning liquids into vapor, as apposed to combustion. Vapors can be toxic - like ammonia , or completely inert - like steem. Just like solvents can be toxic or not - water is the most universal solvent of them all.

  • Vaporizing Vegetable Glycerin (VG) mixed with Propylene Glycol (PG) has an absurdly high LD50 and the latency effect has not appeared in over 50 years of testing both chemicals for human consumption. PG is the ingredient for fog machines, while VG is a common food ingredient.

  • The chemicals that are used for flavour (the same ones often used for fruity distillate cartridges) are the chemicals that have hazardous effects on our lungs. One of many flavoring chemicals commonly present in E-juices is diacetyl, which is the chemical responsible for causing popcorn lung.

  • If your bottle doesn't have ingredients on it, don't vape it. Even if it's the hype brand at the moment, there are many places that don't need to pass any regulations or quality control to sell these things.

  • If you see a fruity distillate cartridge, it's been flavored. Avoid when possible - raw cannabis products taste better anyways🔥

  • Smoking cannabis may or may not be harmful to your lungs, it is widely debated (I like to believe that the cancer inhibiting agents like CBD, counter-act the carinogens). Vaporizing and eating cannabis is healthy, as it eliminates the one and only unhealthy aspect of cannabis consumption.

  • Ofcourse, if ever you have the opportunity. Make it yourself.


I totally agree with everything you said.