Some Purple Cookies to start my day

2 months ago

I have a photo shoot in a few hours

I woke up to some spasms so I need to get them to stop before the session is here as it makes it hard to shoot when spasms are going on. I decided to try some of the Purple Cookies to see if it would help.


I am gonna be sad when this strain is gone

As I only have about a quarter of this strain left. I like what it does for pain relief. But saying that it wasn't the correct strain for the muscle spasms. But the busy is one that also inspires creativity which is good for this shoot I have today. They want a fall shoot and the outdoor fall season has pretty much ended here. All the leaves are already on the ground. Thankfully I have backdrops and plenty of fallen leaves to make it appear to be fall outside.



Still having spasms

But duh I have some dab, that always works to stop them. So here I go with a hit or two of dab.


Seriously this being illegal is a crime against humanity

This works so quickly and without all the side effects muscle relaxers have. This is a crime against humanity. I should have legal access to this medication and not have to risk being labed a criminal for a medicine that works and is safe. Seriously within minutes of taking a dab hit with my honey straw. The spasms in my shoulder blades stopped. A second hit the spasms in my lower back eased upon exhaling and as I write this paragraph is ceasing as well. As I am smoking as I write this piece.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass.



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love that strain...nice example of it too

I love that strain from the looks of it.. Maybe I'll be planting seed one day.. We have a chilly weather now plus the strict lockdown. Allgrow shops are closed... Hope your spasm gets cured!

the great hemp hoax. fun fact... cannabis undoes "mkultra progamming" When was cannabis demonized?, when did television enter the scene ?

Wow, they look so beautiful and i'm sure tasty 😍🤩

I haven’t had anything but Gorilla Passion and Gorilla Cookies in a long time.


I want some of that Gorilla Passion want trade lol

I agree that cannabis pain relief should be available to all.