Finally some hope

3 months ago

I went to the doctor today

I have been in some of the worst pain I have had and decided to try a chiropractor, figured at this point it can't hurt. I am glad I did, because after my first treatment, the nerves that were pinched are feeling much better, sadly he did say it will take multiple treatments before the bones and surrounding muscles retrain themselves to where they are suppose to be. but that with he could help retrain the back to allow it to help heal itself so I can get better. After the first treatment I have hope. I went in at 9 am in severe pain at 10 am I walked out feeling better. I am still in pain but that one treatment took me from a 10 level down to a 6 easy from just relieving the pinched nerve. Though it is only temporary relief at this point, the more adjustments I have the better it will get. Which gives me hope.


Hope is something I truly needed

Things are not easy for me, I try to stay positive but lately it has been really hard to do that. Being in pain all the time sucks, and today for the first time in over a decade I got some relief which gives me hope. Plus the doctor said he thought he will be able to help get my body back aligned correctly over a period of time. Which will lessen my pain, but he did say he won't be able to help with everything but he will be able to help me and it should improve my pain tremendously over time. Maybe enough enough I can take a small tolerance break so I can get high off a joint again. I didn't grab photos of all the x-rays as I was hurting and wasn't thinking of it till he got to my neck. But my neck is 51 mm out of alignment and some bone spurs has developed to protect the nerves in the neck. Which is causing me to get reoccurring sinus issues, after the adjustment drainage has been fierce as I just came down with a new sinus infection a few days ago, and at this rate of this drainage, hopefully it is gone by tomorrow.


The adjustment tool looks like of like a gun

But operates like a small jack hammer of sorts. When I first saw it I raised my eye brows cause I was now getting skeptical that I made the right choice coming to him. But I decided to go with it, as I am already here and be open minded, cause if I am being real, I been on the verge of seriously wanting to end the pain for good. But I keep fighting through for my family but it has been hard. When the treatment was over with, and I stood up and for the first time since 2006 I was able to stand without nerve pain made me tear up. I walked to my car in pain but the nerve pain for the first time in 13 years is gone. This little weird gun thingy (I got to find out what he called it and write it down) did something I was told could only happen through surgery. I go back next week and I can't wait. I have never looked forward to a doctor's appointment before in my life. If you are in pain and doctors have pain and doctors have failed you, and you have not tried Chiropractic care yet, I encourage you to try it. Do some research, you don't want someone that is gonna be cracking and pulling on your back, where it can cause more injury. Ask what machines they use to check what is going on. Look for doctors that use an EMG machine.

weird gun.PNG

I have hope for the first time in a long time

It makes me want to cry happy tears, I am still in pain, this was not a magic fix, but it did at least temporarily relive the nerve pain. And for those who suffer in pain like this, the difference when your nerves are not pinched and causing pain, or uncontrollable movement, is the difference between night and day because it helps decrease the levels of pain. I wish I would have check into this sooner. But no that I have I do have to spread the word, because this doctor has helped me more in a week than a ton of doctors have in 20 + years.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere and this girl has a big huge joint to smoke in celebration that I have been out of nerve pain for a total of 7 hours now and counting, and that has helped my focus and my mind recover from the depression that had set in from this since my most recent fall.




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I'm so glad to hear that the doctor helped atleast in some way. You are one tough and brave woman. Keep on fighting. We are all cheering you on.

I hope for your recovery.. Take good care of yourself..