A painful start to my day

5 months ago

I woke up this morning feeling like shit

But I don't have time to feel like shit. Because there are things to do and money to be made. Actually at this point it is more of things to do. My sister-in-law was living in a family home jointly owned by my husband and his brother. And having all those animals like she had means a mess was left when she died. Some of it has been cleaned up but the majority hasn't been and today we had planned to tackle it. I don't want my body hurting bad to stop us from getting this house cleaned up. Fix what ever issues we find and get it listed on the market.

So I had to triple dose to get my day started

I first took a dose of tincture. Which did help dull the pain but didn't get me to where I feel like doing anything. I am greatful it did cut my pain in half but I woke up at a 10 today and even at a pain level of 5 you don't want to do much of anything.


So then I decided to get the nectar collector out

We have had some rain over the last few days and the spasms has been horrible and though today is dry so far. The spasms has been a little active and that is where some of my pain is coming from. So a few hits of the nectar collector I have brought my pain down to about a 3. Sweet functional with discomfort. Better than before.


But I am about to go do labor that hurts

With my back issues this type of work isn't something my back likes period. I can do light house keeping but deep cleaning gets done room by room in my house over a few weeks because sadly I can not handle to do it in a day or even two. It sucks so I decided to pack a bowl of the platinum kush before heading out. Which currently has brought the pain level down to a 1 which is annoying but totally workable for at least one to two hours worth of work.


We are on way now as I write this

To go clean up the property and make a list of repairs that need to be done and take measurements for the new flooring that we will have to install in the coming weeks after we fix everything and neutralize the smell. But decided to twist one up for later after we have worked some. I also have my liquid dab cartridges so if the pain comes back I have a way to treat it.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Keep it up. Amazing to see and read how you can prosper with * chronic pain*, spasms. Balance between normal life and something healthy people take for granted is inspiring.

Wow girl.... It's a lot of hard work to clean up years of live in. Not to mention if they had pets. I remember when you first posted about this. Youve been working at it a bit now. Soon, it will be all done. A thing if the past <3


Well we found homes for the pets and some how a wild animal got inside and made a mess. Shit all over the place. But the smell from all the cats is strong. We got a little done today going back tomorrow to do more work. The smell is so bad we can only do a little each day. Once we get everything out of there we will be able to use the product to kill off the smell and be able to work in it for long periods of time. But once it is said and done the house can be sold and we can use the proceeds to get our garage built.

Great to see the use of each cannabis product for the pain and how it adds up. Hope you are feeling better!Just out of curiosity before cannabis what were you taking?


When I first got hurt the doctor gave me muscle relaxers and opiates but I put them in the drawer and used cannabis mostly only using them on bad days but since I been using other concentrates I haven't needed them at all.


I had a feeling you were going to say that, it is great that brave people like you are proving the benefits of Cannabis for everyone to see, things like this bring us closer to legalization


That is why I decided even though I have to stay in the closest so to speak I can still tell my story even if I don't reveal who I am. I do hope one day it becomes legal in my state so I can come out of the closest and show everyone who I am.


You are going to be completely amazed at how effective this is. Use it every day for over a week, and you'll be even more amazed at what it can do for you.


Please upvote and re-smoke this post, because more of us in chronic pain need to see it. Totally amazing information and so much more effective than I ever imagined, and I've used/made a lot of products over the years now.

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