Cannabis as an important factor in human health.

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6 months ago

In the modern society of the 21st Century and in human race generally, the most vital and the main priority is our wellbeing, because we are capable of doing anything as long as we are healthy like a coat that says “health is wealth”. I went out on a survey to know the view of the masses and their experience about it. Cannabis according to my survey is one of the important factor to be considered, as a result of my survey, cannabis can be used in many way, it can be smoked, boiled or added in the food process.
Cannabis as matter of fact according to surveys which I did in my locality helps to have a clear sight in which when I walk up to them and asked they said whenever it is been used they do see clearly.
Also, I have got to know that cannabis helps the user to have a healthy life without disease or infection unlike cigarette. Accord to the information which I got from an old man, He said he has been using it for a long time and he has not gone through any disorder in his body, he added that whenever he uses it,he feels comfortable.
More so, cannabis can also be used as a pain reliever either in the muscle or in the nerves, in which according to my research it is evident that cannabis help an individual that has not been able to sleep or sleepless to be able to sleep well and stay cool and calm.
In addition, Cannabis functions as an appetizer in a way that when someone couldn’t eat, when the individual uses cannabis, it makes him or she feel hungry and have ability to eat.
Cannabis works for the brain and helps to think deeply and rationally and also helps to reduce body fat and increase weight loss. It also helps injury to heal faster than normal person who didn’t use anything.
In conclusion, cannabis is very important in the sense that it supplies energy to the body which people confessed that it helps them to work more harder and effectively, it also helps people to become brave and improves the body metabolism

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Every day, i discover why i need cannabis daily for a more healthy living. The thing is, every part of this plant is useful. What isn't edible is still usable between, try adding pictures to your post, you can check out alternative ways to upload a picture if you have difficulty doing that.


Thank you, i am really grateful for the observations because its gonna improve my ability.