The time I took too much RSO and overdosed on Cannabis (not many people have experienced a Cannabis overdose)

last year

How did I get so much RSO?

I used about 10 oz of AVB (already vaped bud) material to make the RSO. I managed to get about 22 grams or so into syringes, and still had a lot left. It was getting hard to syringe off the oil so I put a bunch on a piece of bread and just ate it. I didn't really think about how much it was, but in retrospect, 100 mg of RSO is about the size of a grain of rice. So this may have been as much as or possibly even more than 5 grams. It made me sick, I've finally gone past the limit.

What did I experience?

I have a really high tolerance, and the night I ate it all, I was fine. I didn't feel too stoned or anything. I drove home, did some more dabs, passed out. It wasn't until I woke up the next day that I realized I had overdosed. I was headed right for the toilet as soon as waking up, I was nauseous and threw up immediately. My body ached everywhere and was almost shaking uncontrollably. I had to call off of work that day and spent a majority of it, in bed, recovering.


I still felt a little funny by day 3, but was starting to normalize. I think I shocked my endocannabinoid system. Typically I stick with 200 mgs now, I don't want to experience that again.

Cannabis overdose is possible

So I learned that cannabis overdose is possible through this experience, but death by Cannabis is probably not. I think when you consume by inhailing your body can only absorb the THC/CBD while the smoke/vapor is in your lungs, then you blow it out and expel whatever remains. When you consume edible cannabis, your body is gonna process it all. I'm pretty sure I've consumed a similar amount smoking without having the overdose, but with the edible form, it just hits your body harder.

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Holy shit! I didn't even know that was possible

what's RSO?


Rick Simpson Oil. An edible form of cannabis oil.


Okay... thanks


rso is called after rick simpson but only for that reason he made the oil popular...
he wasnt the first guy invented the process to make alcohol extraction!!!

Props to you man. Didn't think that was even possible.

I have had panic attacks, which i consider overdose, oh yeah also have just striaght passed the fuck out! lol I remember when you told us this in chat. It was so funny, you where like " I od off RSO"


Yep, there's levels to this. Me and most people don't consume the same lol

People don't think it is possible because you aren't dead but it's like alcohol...a hangover is technically an OD to me personally. Just because you didn't die doesn't mean it isn't an ovedose. However, I do think it is called acute cannabis toxicity and a "clinical overdose" has 2 general requirements: interference with cardiac and/or respiratory function. To me what you went through is an overdose but I can understand why someone might disagree.

Still makes me laugh though. You have some good stories in the canna-curate discord.


Yeah, this was unlike any other Cannabis experience I have had. I think for most people, this wouldn't even be a possibility because if they ever had that much edible cannabis oil, it would be worth too much to just consume that much in one go. I had saved up like 14 oz of vaped bud over a long period of time to make all that oil.


I don't even want to know what it tasted like. I think I would have at least put some peanut butter on there lol.

Wow. I was always told that you can't OD from it but yeah it make senses that the body has his limit when digested. Hope you feel better now.

I've definetley woke up and been stoned most of the next day after edibles. Edibles ain't nothing to fuck with, plus don't try to race the best-by date lol


Yeah, I love um, but you absorb them more

I'd argue that the ill effects were probably caused by other substances in the residue and not the cannabinoids at all... you probably just suffered some poisoning effect and your liver went into overdrive to clear your system...

I dunno... just my hypothesis.


I made it myself, so don't think so. I used Pure Isopropyl Alcohol, which would not have had these effects, and high quality vaped materials. So I think my product is quite pure, and taking lower dosages hasn't produces any adverse effects.


Yeah, I wasn't thinking about impurities directly, but isopropyl will dissolve a lot more than just the cannabinoids.

The purities of Isopropyl alcohol also vary a lot. If it's not medical grade it may well contain over 1% "unwanted" chemicals to begin with.

Isopropyl is also indigestible/toxic for the human body.

For edibles I would always advise to use ethylene alcohol because it's easy to get in food-safe qualities and your body knows how to digest it.


reading what I just typed, I don't really want to sound like a smartass, but I'm still going to post that comment, the information does seem relevant after all.

I once only felt what I could describe as an perhaps cannabis OD or a near experience. It was a night before a trip to Montenegro. We were in a pub and a friend knows the owner so he let's us smoke upstairs. Atleast he did 2 years ago. We were smoking all night and then a friend came with gigantic cookies. I ate half of it but didn't feel a thing. When I got up to go home at around 3 or 4 am since I had Amy bus about 5 H later I wanted to get some rest beofrnethen. But when I got up everything went wild and I could be rely stand. Couldn't even open the door. I almost crashed to the floor. But they cought me and give me sugar water which brought me right back up to normality. Was an interesting experience but. Don't want to repeat it.

hui , yes this could happen!!!
be carefull with rick simpson oil! :)