Women can have better sexual experience when using Cannabinoids [Scientific Discourse]

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Having sex while influenced under THC/CBD (later in text Cannabis) is nothing new and is known to us, historically speaking, since we have written evidence of using Cannabis in history. The amount of written studies is on the rise, but unfortunately in scarcity to conclude facts about specific subjects like libido, satisfaction and orgasms and their connection to endocannabinoid system. Recent study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine is here to try to clarify some things.

Before we proceed with the discussion, we need to take into consideration that the method used here is completely subjective with the questionnaire that was filled anonymously. This means it cannot be taken fully objective because of the lack of placebo for control group. Also, number of participants is rather small to project it on larger scale or other cultures in different surroundings. This being said, it is still a good indicator of the direction in which future studies should be conducted. It may also fill in some blanks that we have in complete understanding of this subject.

As previously mentioned, Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a study that is aiming to explain how women perceive sexual activity while influenced under Cannabis. Using cross-sectional analysis, researchers have collected questionnaires filled by women that visited gynaecologists; obstetric, single and academic women. It was then retrospectively reviewed by gynaecologists and behavioural scientists led by Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Out of the full number of participants, 373; 34% of them have stated that they have used Cannabis prior to their sexual activity, n=127. Non-Cannabis users, n=197. To be eligible for research they had to be more than 18 years old with need for gynaecologic care. They were split into non-smoking group, Cannabis before and Cannabis after group.
Sexual health survey was created just for this research and it conducted of questions about sexual function without referring to usage of Cannabis. Other questions were about vaginal intercourse without restriction to vaginal penetration; satisfaction with sexual life; lubrication; intensity of orgasm and pain during intercourse. Limiting biased answers was achieved by adding Cannabis questions latter into questionnaire.

Findings were rather interesting. Out of 87 users that use Cannabis before sex, 60% of them have stated that their sexual experience was more pleasant with increase in sex drive; 57% stated they had better orgasms. There was no significant change in lubrication. They also have higher odds of satisfactory orgasm, 2.13 times higher to be exact. Also, there is correlation between the use of Cannabis and its frequency with orgasm. Ones that used it frequently had 2.1 higher chance of achieving satisfactory orgasm than the ones that use it “from time to time”. Other domains did not show any significant statistical difference.

Correlation asked in post title is clear. On the other hand, there is no clear evidence to conclude from this study on why Cannabis usage may or can improve sexual experience and life overall of women.


This specific study, previously mentioned, shows direct correlation between sexual life and Cannabis usage. Positive effects of Cannabis are clear in women’s sexual life. Increased sex drive and more pleasant intercourses, achieving pleasurable orgasms as well as improvement in pain reduction are main benefits; without any correlation with improved lubrication. Chances of having better and improved sexual life are 2 times higher if subjects are using Cannabis. What this study differs from others similar ones (see below) is that it has wider age range with healthy lifestyle and not younger patients and both sexes,
On the other hand, number of women is rather low, experiences are always biased and subjective. People that use Cannabis or any other substance tend to notice patterns of benefits when there isn’t any. To be completely subjective we need measurable evidence like CT or other brain scans and placebo group treated with Cannabis without THC/CBD. It relied strictly on woman’s memory. It did not have a question where it would ask women if they think that Cannabis will enchant their sensation, thus removing the ones that said yes, biased opinions.

More research might bring in some interesting ways to treat sexual dysfunction for female patients. There is clear implication to conduct further research on the topic of sexual disorders and the way Cannabis might be used as a treatment.

Other studies regarding this subject.

Pharmacology and effects of cannabis: A brief review might make us think about correlation between increased sexual desire and the way Cannabis lowers anxiety and stress levels. Other mechanisms that could cause more pleasant orgasms might be because of slowing the temporal overestimation of time when intaking THC and thus prolonging the feeling of pleasurable sensation. Cannabis is also known, to highlight the sensations like touch, hearing, smell...
Effects of Regular Marijuana Use on Sexual Performance research has shown heightened sensation of touch and increased physical closeness in female users that used Cannabis prior to sexual experience.
Cannabis and the H-P-G axis (controls the sex hormones) interact with each other. Cannabinoid receptors located in the hypothalamus regulate gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and oxytocin. They both play a major role in normal sexual function. Also, THC affect testosterone levels, which play a role in sex drive mostly in men. How they affect women is unclear.
Activation of cannabinoid receptor has shown to increase dopamine release. It is commonly known that neurotransmitters play major role in sexual function as pro-sexual modulators. This might be also one of the reasons and connections between sex life and Cannabis usage.

Sexual dysfunction was most common while using alcohol or ecstasy, especially among males, and females were more likely to report sexual dysfunction after using marijuana.
"A comparison of self-reported sexual effects of alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy in a sample of young adult nightlife attendees"

Results are again inconclusive despite the fact that a majority in each category responded in a positive manner to the initial question concerning the effect of marijuana on the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. There is sufficient support to indicate that at least some experienced smokers have derived an enhancement of sexual pleasure while they were using marijuana
"An attitude survey of the effects of marijuana on sexual enjoyment"


There is ample amount of evidence to support the thesis of Cannabis as a pleasure and sexual experience enchantment. Sensations are subjective experience and thus can’t be measured objectively. To back up this statement we need measurable data, brain scans and hormone levels, as well as studies consist of placebo groups to remove biased opinions. Double-blind studies.
Another problem that arises is the use of self-report questionnaires

This issue of self-report methodology is important because studies that use this method are regularly reported in the media (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17209448 for a recent example) and therefore have a significant impact on how the general public perceive scientific research. I therefore think it is important to discuss potential problems with self-report measures.
Liked it or not science is not about being biased, so there is always some information about how Cannabis might change one’s personality. The key conclusion drawn from this research, that is used as a source of dispute towards the statements on sex-Cannabis relation, is not if the change is good or bad, but that it just is and it happens. There is large amount of implications when it comes to benefits and enchanting the sexual experience with Cannabis, but to answer why and how (is it THC or some other cannabinoids?) is yet to be measured and researched.

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