What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?.

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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one those chemicals found in Cannabis. In a layman explanation, THC is said to be the reason why people get high whenever they consume Cannabis and some research make it know without Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in this plant, the usefulness is not complete. Which simply means at least some of this chemical content must be found in the cannabis before the full joy in it can be found.

Naturally, the #chemical is said to be some kind of self defence for the plant against insects and environment stress. But to burst your burble, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannot be find naturally in Cannabis, instead Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid shortly known as (THCA) is found and will need to be heated by smoking, cooking, or any other ways of heating before consumption, before the real Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found.

Ever wonder why some people say they're killing stress with #Cannabis? Some even take it so they can be active at work while some people can as well have a problem when they consume it.
This is due to a receptor found in the human body which naturally produced Endocannabinoids. This site acts the same way as chemicals found in Cannabis, and when our body is short of it, this is where over-stress set in, unhappy feelings, unpleasant and so on can start happening to someone. Although, this will or can also start making us remember some bad situations we have passed through for long or recently to boost up the damn feelings. Which consuming of THC strain can fill in the uncompleted Endocannabinoid system. And an overdose of too much THC may likely to cause unpleasant, stress, unhappy and so on in the body system too. This what people who play and laugh too much or start fighting with everyone feels after smoke or consume some weeds. It is a matter of knowing what your body system want at the right time and how much it needs.

Consuming #Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can have a different effect on users since our body immune system is not in the same capacity to the weather and what we consume. This means If one cup of edible cannabis can make me high and make me feel great and pleasant, you may likely need three cups to be fine. But it is best to make use of Cannabis with gauge, it is always best to know what is good for your system and what is not.
In case of overdose of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is while Cannabidiol CBD content is also available in SOME Cannabis strain. As said earlier, they work for one another. #Cannabidiol (CBD) is like TIT while THC is the TAT. Cannabidiol has also had some other benefits to our system which killing the highness of THC is part of.

There are many #strains which have THC in them even though the level and percentage are different from one another. But some strains research can tell more about which strain have it and which did not.

Also note that upon the goodness of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one can fail a drug test by consuming it. Meanwhile, there are ways to get them out of your body system in case you get a new job which requires for DRUG TEST. If you have been having a problem of consuming too much THC and need some help or tips on how to help yourself or want to have a MEDICAL DRUG TEST, watch out for my next post to help resolve the issue. Thank you for reading here ;)

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Great information homie, a lot of people just blaze it up and don't really learn about the substances


Yes brother, what actually happened is that. We can't blame anyone because if I am able to try something and it works for me better the enjoyment might make me research more about it and can as well make me not want to do so. This depends on how I see it. Many people are smoking and using MJ because of THC (been active and clear their sorrow, free with others and enjoy life), while some only want it because of CBD (for resting, to kill toxic and some other benefits), though those 2 chemicals are in almost all strains we have in the world presently because they work for one another, many other benefits in MJ, but the feelings is what people knows mostly. And I believe to dig deeper into them is part of what this platform is launched for. Let keep working hand to hands to spread the good virus around. By the time MJ is legalize around the world, more experts will be will be required and even get employed in legal office to help more people about MJ. Thanks for stopping by Bro. 🌿 ✊

very interesting post and I'm waiting your next post with "How to get THC out from our body system for DRUG TEST" Congratulations @princeola!


Thanks for stopping by buddy. I am currently working on the post now. Watch out for it. 😀 🌱

Thanks for todays info, learnt another new thing from you today.
So if THC could be extracted from strains, then after its extraction users would not get high,


Yes, it is one of the or the most common chemical found in my strains, and one can get it by heating up the MJ.


If you smoke or cook it you hardly can reuse it because it have been burned with the paper or been cooked with the food but if you vaporize it then you can always use the weed in the chamber it is a good way to spend less on weed.

This overview iis lovely men....from your write up, can I say one will not get high when he consumes cannabis raw? Can it be consumed raw?


No, you cannot get high by eating weed you will only waste it and also can cause irritation in your system. Is like eating raw beans.

For weed to extract THC you have to heat it up in anyway possible;Vaping, smoking or cooking it.


The more you heat bitter-leaf the lesser it power of bitterness, this is quite opposite in cannabis. I believe you'll have seen someone eating bitter leaf raw before. Same as some people can wash and eat canna like that too. But I can't really say if this can make someone high or not as my research have not get to this point. Meanwhile, remember there's is heat in our stomach too. 😆

There are so many reasons why people smoke weed, I asked somebody to he said it gives him joy whenever he smoked it


The person is enjoying the THC in MJ, when it comes to pain killing CBD is best at this but giving joy, making user active or make him paranoid thats THC.