Switching up the morning routine—my mental health meds 💥 💥

6 months ago

4:35 AM EST

Coffee ✅

Smoke ✅

...a couple tokes ✅

And I’m off ✌️

I keep myself medicated throughout the day. I tend to need marijuana more during the day for focus and pain relief. I usually take my medicine in edible because I can be slightly neurotic about my dosing amounts.

The Strawnana DIESAL I got yesterday, however, is that lightweight #sativa body high that’s perfect to start my day.

Because I’m walking on the wild side a little with bong hits before work, I will hold off on any dosing til at least 10 or 12–then I will nibble on about 10 mgs as needed at a time.

I can be a little scared to share how much marijuana has helped me professionally as I work in the mental health field, in a corporate world. I am constantly dodging regulations and conservative conversation. But...

✌️ to thy own self be true ✌️

I have taken home a lot of trauma and tragedy from my patients. Treating addiction can challenge my core values, and Compassion Fatigue hit me very hard last year after losing a total of 6 patients (former and current) in only a 4 month time span.

MARIJUNA sloooooowwwwwss me and my reaction time down—IN LOW DOSES.
Helps me concentrate.
Helps me stay on task.
my work would probably prefer I take adderall for these effects

Perfect to help me stay present and in the moment during therapeutic sessions without becoming overwhelmed with the topics of conversation or the “big picture”.

Do you have a morning routine?

⚠️ dramatic HIGH girl ⚠️ tunes to help you start your day

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Wow you get up early! Or did you stay up late? 🤔


@indica early to bed 😢 and early to rise...the punk rock queen inside of me dies a little every day

I know someone where I'm from who's brother works in a psychiatric clinic. He told me that his brother saw all kinds of stuff people do. He also smokes but occasionally to keep himself balanced.


@zuculuz yes—I’m at an inpatient psychiatric hospital now. most days there is nothing to fear and you are just one with the patients. Then, something REALLY serious will happen and it will reminds you quickly of where you are 😱.

...but that’s kind of how everywhere in life is these days lololol


"...but that’s kind of how everywhere in life is these days lololol" , so true!

The world needs more people like you in it, keep blazing, stay blazed and blessed! You must be the light in in a lot of those peoples lives, not sure if you live in a legal vibe, but 100% I use weed to cope. It is what it is :) here is a song song from SlightlyStoopid, dedication :) youtube.com/watch?v=lBRGMfDSrZ8 - I love the lyrics "The world is a big hospital!"
Peace and buds @potspoon


@dank thanks!!! Thanks for the tunes!

“Everyone sick and it’s getting critical”

Yuuuuuuup! ☝️ haha.

Glad to meet ya and happy we started following each other! Looking forward to growing together here on SMOKE.

Smoke for me today 🤗 🌬

Nothing more medicinal than a few doses of marijuana in the morning and if you accompany it with a cup of green tea with lemon cure countless ailments.


@dreadk I need to switch to tea. I drink obscene amounts of coffee ☕️
P.S. I’m a big fan of your pictures! So pretty