Don't Hold Back Your Ganja Smoking Grandparents!

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7 months ago

Currently, there are more seniors who are using medical marijuana to treat their health problems than ever before. Health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, and chronic pain as well as others have grandparents filling up the lines at local dispensaries like a new iPhone release.

Marijuana dispensaries are literally full of aging individuals who come into the store on walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks.

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What is going on?

A recent report published by Dr. Joseph Palamar, who is an associate professor at NYU Medical Center stated in his report that cannabis use in seniors is up nine percent over the past two years!

This is not surprising considering that most grandparents today grew up in the 60s at a time in our history when cannabis experimentation and free love would give Paris Hilton a run for her money.

It’s pretty safe to say that of the millions of seniors who are using cannabis products, this is not their first experience with the Ganja God. . .

Morgan Freeman, who is the Godfather of Ganja is pretty outspoken on the medical benefits of cannabis as well as legalization. According to Freeman, he loves it so much that:

I’ll eat, drink, smoke, and snort Ganja.

That’s a dedicated activist and a righteous Ganja Godfather.

As more states are legalizing cannabis for recreational or medical use, grandparents are digging out the tie-dye t-shirts and peace signs of yesteryear and climbing on shuttle buses to the dispensary in record numbers.

According to another report in the National Library of Medicine, seniors between the ages of 50 to 65 had an increase of 57.8% in cannabis use over a six-year time period.

It appears that watching the Price is Right while crocheting blankets is a lot better stoned.

Photo by Alex Harvey 🤙🏻 on Unsplash

The Benefits.

Even dispensary owners are seeing the benefits of seniors who are spending their money at their stores by offering free shuttle bus rides from nursing homes and holding education classes!

You can’t blame your grandparents if they want a break from being zonked out on opiods while playing Bingo and eating hospital food when they can jump on a bus, go to the dispensary and be treated like royalty with free drinks, sandwiches, and edible cannabis goodies.

If you thought the lines were full of agitated people waiting for the stores to open on Black Friday? ...You should see what the lines are like in an assisted living facility when 100 seniors are fighting about who was there first when a free trip to the dispensary is offered, especially when the shuttle bus only holds 40 passengers!

Missing canes, broken walkers, empty oxygen tanks, and flat wheelchair tires are just a few of the phenomenon's that occur on these special occasions.

The seniors who do make it to the dispensary, they’re educated on the benefits of cannabis for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD and CBD creams for skin disorders as well as the various ways to consume it. Then, they’re invited into the dispensary where they can buy anything from vape pens, tinctures, old-school rolled cannabis joints, topical creams, cannabis-infused edibles, and high-quality medical cannabis.

There’s a good chance that when they return to the assisted living facility stoned off their ass, bedtime might be a little earlier than usual.

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Marijuana dispensaries are literally full of aging individuals who come into the store on walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and oxygen tanks

It's been a while since I visited a dispensary here, but the last time I went (over the summer I believe) there were more people my age (I am 50) and older there. The only people in the dispensary under maybe 40, were the workers, security, bud tenders, etc. I can't recall seeing any customers under my age.


Since my grandma has passed on I have chosen to Adopt you as my foster Gran Gran!! :)

you're awesome!!!!

Superb and some great humour in there! Reminds me of the movie what was it called ... Mamas Boy! Had to dig this up

grandma drank all my pot

Well, been thinking of how to supply CBDs for my own family elders lately....


I love that movie. One of my favorite smoker movies. Have you ever seen Growing Op?


Nope! gonna see if i can get my hands on it now!


Growing Op. It's not your general stoner comedy film. It's actually very serious and fascinating to watch.

I dont know why but your post made almost lose a tear. Probably fact that so many people are not actually against it just didn't have the courage to speak up about it but where witnesses of the cannabis age of experimentation, age of prohibition and got to live to see now the age of revolution.

Yeah, if we had a local dispensary, I'd be one of those old folks lining up to get in the door with my social security money to buy some bud... :-)

Old people smoking weed is amazing! Says an old man... ;-)

This is the real reason why I want to taste it, as a grandmother, yes i will be 50 years old and i have pain in my knee. MY God, why drinking dangerous capsule if there is weed that can cure me.

I only have one grandparent, and she most definitely does not smoke the reefer. She'd benefit from it probably, but I'm not going there. Especially considering the legality where she lives.

Well, I could see my self in that dispensary picture...hahaha.. with all the pains I have I could buy plenty of grams for future use.