Health Issues and Fake Vape Sold In Nigeria

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9 months ago

What is Vaping?
This is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor or you can say vaping, is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette. What you consume in the vaporizer is up to you either nicotine or weed.

For long stoners and cannabis medical researchers have argued about vape and rolling papers. Most people have suggested vaporizers as a healthy and better alternative. But it seems the narratives have changed with the present outbreak of strange illness due to vape.

in the past two months over 200 vaping-related illnesses in 25 states and taken two lives already. Doctors don't know yet what the cause, but it is likely due to counterfeit vape being sold.

According to Fox News A 26-year-old from Burlington, Wisconsin was hospitalized with lung damage last week after consuming a fake “Dank Vapes” cannabis cartridge. The man was assumed to be suffering from pneumonia before his condition worsen.

Six weeks ago another 18 years old boy was hospitalized at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Long Island. He was complaining about chest pain, fever, and shortness of breath. Within 48 hours, says Melodi Pirzada, chief of pediatric pulmonology at the hospital confirmed the boy had ARDS, a condition associated with acute lung injury.

There have been 28 cases of ALD among people who used vape products. According to the spokesperson from the California Department of Public health. The department released a Health ALERT that at least seven healthy adults have been admitted to the hospital with severe symptoms of the acute pulmonary disease between July and August 2019.

“Within the last few months it’s amazing how many cases from around the country have come into the spotlight,” says Dr. Raj Dasgupta, pulmonary and critical care physician at the University of Southern California who has treated many individuals with a history of e-cigarette use.

Is Vaping predominantly healthy?
No, Vaping is bad for anyone. Most people don't know what chemicals made up the vape and how they might affect our physical health especially those sold in third world countries like Nigeria. We might be exposing our health to all kinds of poisonous chemicals that are not safe.

The amount of counterfeit vaporizers on many big e-commerce websites in Nigeria is alarming. People import all sorts of cheap and fake products to make quick gains as the economy is hard.
Some vapes are sold as cheap as $15(5,400 Naira) for one.
Below is a fake G-Elite vape sold for 4,000 Naira $11 in Nigeria.

Dangers of counterfeit Vapes in Nigeria?
Lead to Acute Lung, brain and heart disease;
Fake vapes sold on big e-commerce like Jumai and Konga can lead to hearts, lungs, and brain issues. We all know how our health condition is in Nigeria. No good hospital and most insurance scheme cannot cover for lung cancer.

Fake Vape can explode and kill;
A New England Journal described a 17-year-old Nevada teenager who showed up in the emergency room ; “He had a circular puncture to the chin, extensive lacerations in his mouth, multiple disrupted lower incisors, and bony incongruity of the left mandible,” the doctors who treated the boy wrote in their report. This happened after the explosion of the vape in his mouth.
Some of this counterfeit made vape can burn you. They can explode in your pocket. They can explode in your face, which can lead to severe pain or death.

Lung Disease
Vaping can also irritate the lungs not as much as smoking but that doesn't mean it cannot cause damages to the lungs.

Vape can lead to heart attack:
According to this research smoking using a vape can can lead to increase in microscopic pollutants called PM2.5 and ultrafine particles.

“We already have sufficient evidence from hundreds of studies that link exposure to those chemicals with disease outcomes,” Goniewicz said. “We know that formaldehyde can cause cancer and that acrolein can cause certain cardiovascular diseases.” So there’s no conclusive evidence directly linking this aspect of e-cigarette use to long-term cardiovascular outcomes. But based on these studies, researchers believe such a link is plausible.

So my advice to the cannabis community in Nigeria is to stay alive and stay very far away from Vaporizers. We already have too many haters, law enforcement agencies and prohibitionist coming against cannabis consumption.

Until next time again! Smoke on Buddy!

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And few months ago, I finally decided to actually try it with a known brand vape pen and what was apparently here in the Philippines one of the more upscale brands of e-liquids.

The second day only I could already notice a light swelling in my lip. The third day I threw that shit away. Of course, it didn't have any ingredients listed.

PS: it was normal e-liquids. I'm not crazy enough to buy Brass Knuckles from Alibaba.

A few things to note about Vaporizing or "Vaping".

  • Vaporizing a substance is always healthier than smoking it. Vaporizing isn't synonymous with healthy, but it is definitely healthier than inhaling smoke. Smoke from anything contains carginogens - even our beloved cannabis.

  • Vaporizing literally means you are turning liquids into vapor, as apposed to combustion. Vapors can be toxic - like ammonia , or completely inert - like steem. Just like solvents can be toxic or not - water is the most universal solvent of them all.

  • Vaporizing Vegetable Glycerin (VG) mixed with Propylene Glycol (PG) has an absurdly high LD50 and the latency effect has not appeared in over 50 years of testing both chemicals for human consumption. PG is the ingredient for fog machines, while VG is a common food ingredient.

  • The chemicals that are used for flavour (the same ones often used for fruity distillate cartridges) are the chemicals that have hazardous effects on our lungs. One of many flavoring chemicals commonly present in E-juices is diacetyl, which is the chemical responsible for causing popcorn lung.

  • If your bottle doesn't have ingredients on it, don't vape it. Even if it's the hype brand at the moment, there are many places that don't need to pass any regulations or quality control to sell these things.

  • If you see a fruity distillate cartridge, it's been flavored. Avoid when possible - raw cannabis products taste better anyways🔥

  • Smoking cannabis may or may not be harmful to your lungs, it is widely debated (I like to believe that the cancer inhibiting agents like CBD, counter-act the carinogens). Vaporizing and eating cannabis is healthy, as it eliminates the one and only unhealthy aspect of cannabis consumption.