Stop Mixing Tobacco With Cannabis

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I noticed there is a new way of smoking weed in Nigeria and i also researched about other countries. I found out that this is a global practice especially in Europe via this study but this isn't helping in anyway.

This is a wide practice in the Northern part of Nigeria but without the legalization of Cannabis how can we protect this folks who ignorantly use Cannabis and Tobacco with the mindset that it will make the Tobacco less harmful. We need to create a Tobacco control strategy to educate people about the danger of smoking Tobacco and Cannabis.

By following my method you can always help

Effect of Tobbacco Globally

Tobacco smoking is the single most important cause of preventable and premature death globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that tobacco kills nearly seven million people annually and 100 million deaths were recorded over the course of the 20th century [1]. More than six million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while close to 900,000 deaths are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Unless urgent action is taken, the annual death toll could rise to more than eight million by 2030 [1,2]. Close to 80percent of world's one billion smokers live in low to middle income countries like Nigeria [2].

Cannabis is well-known for its cancer-fighting properties, and it’s even been known to help save people who have lung cancer – the leading preventable disease in the world that is caused by cigarette/tobacco smoke so why mix this medical herb with Tobacco? Have told my friend from Sweden to stop but he seems to enjoy the Nicotine feelings and he always claim Marijuana is highly addictive which is entirely not true.

i get the feeling when you smoke cannabis mix with Tobaco! Many users enjoy the combination, especially since nicotine gives you good feelings similar to those that are released when you take opioids. Nicotine has been known to induce calmness, ease tension, and relax the muscles. When you pair it with cannabis, it feels like a match made in heaven another study revealed.Many people who light up enjoy both cannabis and tobacco for their synergistic effects (synergistic meaning the two working together to produce a different outcome). Some marijuana smokers report that smoking cigarettes after a toke give them an increased “high” feeling while others state that they smoke to calm down from early onset of marijuana because they feel too anxious or racy from the psychoactive properties of THC. However this is entirely bad for your health new reports find.

According to Reto Auer of the University of Bern Institute for Primary Health Care long been known that smoking tobacco can cause atherosclerosis, a cardiovascular condition characterized by arteries that have been clogged up by fatty deposits known as plaque. It specifically affects the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to the heart. However, this area has remained a gray area when it comes to smoked cannabis. Source

I live in a country where cannabis is criminalized due to the false claim that it leads to cancer of the lungs and also causes mental and aggressive behaviours so i felt strongly within me to share this new findings and warn smokers of the effects of mixing Cannabis and Tobacco.

Image of effects of Cannabis and Tobacco causing respiratory problem Image

People Need To Stop Mixing Tobacco With Cannabis

Mixing cannabis with tobacco basically mitigates any health benefits of cannabis. In fact, doing so can pave the way for health problems down the road.

I know we have friends and family who mix tobacco with weed it will be in our best interest to advice both new and old stoners to avoid the addiction of Nicotine. I just did that and many of my friends appreciate the information. We do not know how much lives we will save by spreading the news.

A study conducted by researchers from the University College London analyzed 24 experienced cannabis users who participated in four sessions for the study: they smoked joints made with cannabis and tobacco, cannabis and a placebo, tobacco and a placebo, or placebos of both substances. The researchers also measured their blood pressure and heart rate. They found that the participants who combined cannabis and tobacco showed a dramatic increase in heart rate and blood pressure when the 2 were mixed.

Video source

We can always find a way to educate smokers about their poly drug usage and side effects.

From my last meetup two of the attendees have registered but are yet to post their first articles @dee010 @dmok and i also spoke about the health risk at our last meetup!

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I never understood the mixing.. it makes your weed taste like shit..


To be fair, you do get the nicotine hit plus it makes your weed go further, plus there's the process of rolling which is fun/ritualistic. Perhaps the best alternative is high quality trim? 🤔


Am not entirely sure about that I love the Nicotine feelings. Maybe you don't like tobacco at all. Well, we should help spread the word to smokers around us. Let make cannabis great again.

This post is a compilation of sentences grabbed from and

I grabbed two not quoted nor referenced sections, ehre’s the result:


There’s too much not referenced copypasta in the content. Compiling paragraphs from different sources doesn’t make it less plagiarism. Nor is it trailblazing.


I gave citation to every post and I can easily add what wasn't there. But I sincerely didn't know how you guys define plegarism here.

If you noticed I cited over 7 document and gave credit to it. But I get where the problem was. Thank you. Will add your source now.

Grateful heart

Yeah man, almost everyone I know that smokes weed also smokes cigarettes and as a direct consequence mixes tobacco with weed in their joints. I've probably smoked 1000+ cigs because of this, without filters, pretty bad for my health in hindsight. I try to avoid tobacco entirely now & use vapes or smoke only pure J's.


... smoke only pure J's.

Best way of life. Living in my country is one of the mess one can ever encountered in life, I love Nigeria but some shit do happen that make it suck sometimes. One can't escape smoking tobacco here else you start growing by yourself, meanwhile if you do, men in black will not let you rest. Our economy is bad, I wish I can be turn as "a day government adviser" I will be like, 'hey! Mr President, give marijuana a try and let see what will happen to our economy'. Sellers keep diluting it so they can make more profits.

Worth case for people like me who take edible, you can imagine consuming tobacco in beans 😂😂, those guys have kee me. 🤣


Yes, we all should use vape. It is far safer if we must smoke weed