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Hi guys,

I was searching the web where to buy good quality #CBD oil and found this cool website. These guys make everything you can imagine. Here are some examples.


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When I will have enough money I will visit the shop and ask for some advice about my Eczema. I'm sure they had clients with the same problem as me and know what to try out first.

Cibiday Laboratory


They also have their own laboratory and if you have your own made oil you can test it with them. Here is a list of the tests that they make.

  • Laboratory analysis (guarantee of high quality)
  • Test results in cannabinoid profile
  • Test results in terpene profile
  • Microbiological lab tests
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Quality analysis of basic oils
  • Quality analysis hemp seed oil

In my other posts, I will explain more about these tests and what they mean.


#Cibiday also has three certificates that show they are using natural and biologic products. I think these things are important and give you a bit more trust in buying their products.

Organic certified olive oil in Cibiday products
In a large number of Cibiday CBD oil products, we use extra virgin olive oil from the Spanish company Oliflix. This is a small-scale company located in the municipality of Flix in the province of Tarragona in the Catalonia region. This fully organic oil, which in recent years has won no less than three awards for the best quality olive oil, is subjected to extensive analysis tests.

In addition, this high-quality product has received a certificate for 100% organic. This written statement shows that no resources are used during the entire cultivation process that can have a negative effect on the environment or on human and animal welfare. Click on the image for detailed information and a large format of the certificate
certificaat extra virgin olijfolie.JPG

Certificate organic cultivation and processing
The following certificate for organic cultivation and processing has been issued by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica), abbreviated CCPAE from Spain. The #CCPAE is the official supervisory authority of Catalonia that deals with the inspection and certification of organic food products from this area.

The company is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment of the Government of Catalonia (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment of the Government of Catalonia). The organic certification guarantees that the products are produced and processed according to the rules of organic farming and are under strict control throughout the entire process of production, processing, and packaging.

Certified organic Futura 75 hemp
The Futura 75 hemp, which is used in many of our CBD oil products, is grown on pure, unpolluted soil in the Alpujarra mountains in Spain. Both the cultivation and the production processes are applied in a completely biological way. Click on the image for additional information and an enlarged format of the certificate of our 100% organic hemp.
certificaat futura 75 hennep.JPG

Baby steps to what I want to use first

Here is a nice starters pack with all the information that I would like to use.

CBD Trial Set High Content - 4.5% + 10% + 25%
With these three trial products, you can test which CBD content gives the desired effects. Because the products contain less content than the original products, you can try out multiple products in a cheap way.

CBD set with cannabidiol-rich products
All hemp used for the preparation of cannabidiol-rich oils comes from organic cultivation. During the entire cultivation and production process, no tools are used that can harm the environment. Various hemp varieties from the Cannabis sativa genus, from different European countries, were used to produce the oil. All these varieties are certified, which means they can be grown legally.


I will try it out as soon as I can and I will let you guys know if this is helping my skin. I will write posts or make videos every day to see the results and hope we all can see good results and be proud of the wonderful plant that heals us all.

Thank you all for reading and please don't forget to follow me for more posts to come

PS. Thank you @unnamed for your advice, I hope this one looks better.

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