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When it involves creating Weed Tea, initially look it is a touch discouraging, frustrating, and unsatisfactory if you don’t perceive a number of Cannabis chemistry fundamentals.

The first issue to stay in mind is that raw, live #Cannabis contains delta9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid ( Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCA for short ) and cannabidiolic acid ( CBDA ). These cannabinoids area unit the precursors of the a lot of well-known tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD that area unit therefore illustrious for its mind-altering and medicative effects.

THCA, however, is non-psychoactive, which means that it cannot get you high. Similarly, CBDA is far less medicative than CBD, which means that it won’t relieve the symptoms for which you take it.

When the Cannabis plant is harvested and begins to dry out, THCA and CBDA slowly convert to their non-acidic counterparts, THC and CBD ( Remember, the “A” in THCA and CBDA stands for acid ). But this conversion is only partial. You won’t get all the cannabinoid goodness doable if you only let the plant dry out naturally.


To really maximize the results, you need to add heat (decarboxylate). That bud you smoke, it’s been dried using low heat to continue the THCA-to-THC conversion. The full unharness, though, comes when you add a flame into the mix. This high temperature converts the majority of the THCA (and CBDA) into the stuff that makes you feel better. But you don’t simply need to burn it to urge the advantages.

Psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is dissolved while not losing their medicative qualities. These cannabinoids can be dissolved in water, alcohol, butter and even milk. In fact, tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD dissolve a lot of effectively within the fat from butter and milk in comparison to water.

Drinking Weed Tea vs. Smoking Weed


At this time, you would possibly be curious whether or not Weed Tea is definitely worth the problem. Making Weed Tea is much more of a process than, say, rolling up a blunt or joint or packing a bowl.

So what’s the motivation here?
Why hassle creating tea along with your weed after you may well be blazing it?

There are several benefits to drinking Weed Tea:

  • First and foremost, drinking tea is clearly far better for your health than smoking. While employing a reverberate will separate out a number of the carcinogens in Marijuana, Smoking is rarely smart for your body. Tar and different harmful chemicals stand still in your lungs regardless of however you smoke your bud. That’s why drinking weed tea could be a healthier different.

  • Most users conjointly feel that Weed Tea offers a additional mellow buzz in comparison to #Smoking. If you’re within the mood to induce super blazed, by all suggests that — close up the reverberate or roll a fat blunt. But if you’d like a softer, additional casual impact, Weed Tea might be the way to go. It’ll set you right without impairing your ability to perform normal functions like, say, getting off the couch and making a sandwich. Of course, Weed tea will be created potent, too. It simply needs plenty of herb, thus be ready to boil an enormous ol’ sack if you’re making an attempt to induce drunk silly.

  • Last, however under no circumstances least, Weed Tea is a great way to receive the medicinal benefits of our good friend Mary Jane. Since your alimentary canal absorbs the cannabinoid in #Marijuana slower than your lungs, drinking pot tea takes longer to kick in but lasts for a much longer period of time.

  • Ultimately, you must consume your #Weed whichever approach you see match. While drinking Weed Tea won't be your go-to methodology, it’s definitely worth trying out. After all, you recognize what they say: don’t knock it ‘til you are attempting it.

The End.

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Smoke = Love + Peace

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Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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This is how I consume my Cannabis.

This is a good post. Thank you. I learned a lot here. Being a tea lover who hasn't touched coffee in over 4 years I can say for sure that tea is way better then coffee in my opinion and drinking some herbs I never tried but I would love to. It might not be the same but I'm collecting the tinny leftover branches I find in my baggies to brew myself some herb tea. It might not hit but I heard it's supposed to be good. Resmoked.


Tea can never substitute the amount of caffeine you get from coffee. But, just for the reference, I enjoy tea for relaxation. Not uplifting effects that is.


That might be true but you don't get coffeine from tea, you get theine. Its better in my opinion because it taste better and tend to be healthier and less addictive in the manner of enjoyment. I know a lot of people who can't drink coffee without a cigarette or joint. I can drink tee without any of them and sometimes even enjoy it more that way.


It is not worthy to compare theine and cafein. It is like CBD and THC.
You know smokers that drink coffee. I don't think there is connection between addictiveness of caffeine and nicotine or synergy.


Not a connection between addictivnes but being used to it. Don't know. I never met someone who drink tea that they can't drink tea without a cigarette but a lot of people who smoke and drink coffee told me that they can't drink coffee without having a cigarette atleast in their hand.

i love Cannabis Tea ! it's some weeks i didn't make it , thanks for reminding ehehehh