The Hemp & Confusion / The Truth Will Set Us Free / Part II

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Hemp oil - Health from nature

The Hemp / The extremely controversial product / The most powerful natural ally is now at your fingertips, to fight any form of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or Alzheimer's! The questions are ; Why doctors do not prescribe it & why doctors are silent?

In order not to hide behind my finger, I am actually talking about the Hemp oil produced by cold pressing of Hemp seeds, that can be used as a natural supplement, to fight against cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, kidney, heart, rebellious dermatitis, etc. And I believe the opposition by doctors could be based on Two Reasons:

  • Associating Hemp with Marijuana / The Hemp & Confusion / Part I.
  • The enormous capacity of this multi-valent natural remedy, to annihilate so many serious diseases, so to give a big blow to the drug industry.

Our doctors do not prescribe it and thousands of cases were resolved worldwide, the thousands of people saved from suffering, as well as over 17,000 reports from prestigious medical institutions such as the World Health Organization, the Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, or the John Hopkins Medical Center who support exceptional qualities curative #Hemp oil.

According to Wikipedia / Hemp is a variety of the #Cannabis Sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. It is one of the fastest growing plants, which is part of the Cannabis genus, the Cannabaceae Family.


It is a high-grade industrial Herbaceous Plant whose products include; fiber, seeds and oil, that they can be transformed by various technologies into; food and natural supplements based on Hemp seeds, Hemp oil, wax, cosmetics, clothing, paper, fuel, resins, etc.


To address The safety of seed / Hemp oil treatment in Romania, I quote:

At present, according to the regulations in force (Article 39 of Regulation (EC) No 73/2009), the Hemp varieties were determined on the basis of the anatomical part of the plant and the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content up to 0,2% . The sativa hay is cultivated for the use of seeds for the extraction of oils by cold pressing.

Stephan MANEA, General Manager S.C. Hofigal Import-Export SA, said.

When standard medical institutions certify Hemp oil as an excellent natural remedy,
I dare recommend it to you!

The conclusions of some of 17,000 reports:

"Causes mass suicide of cancer cells" - John Hopkins Medical Center.

"Breaks the eternal ups and downs of blood pressure you suffer" - University of Manitoba, Canada.

"Reduces the risk of heart attacks by 66%" - University of Nagoya, Japan.

"Distractions of wrist pains or muscles caused by rheumatoid arthritis" - studies published in the international journal Advanced Nutrition Publications.

"It regenerates the part of the brain responsible for storing memories," says Dr. Fiona McPherson, a cognitive psychologist, brain scientist on memory and learning abilities at the University of Glasgow.

I can reproduce here thousands of such testimonies, but what really impresses is the Life Stories Experienced by those who may have reached the brink of death, have turned to Hemp seed oil treatment and healed themselves. Here are some such cases! The results do not lie!

People who have used Hemp oil shatter any doubt !


From the door of death to life without cancer, in just 8 months!

It's about the shaking experience of passing an 8-month-old baby diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor on the brain. The father of the child refused chemotherapy and offered his child treatment with Hemp oil obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds. After just two months of treatment with Hemp oil, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) revealed an important remission of tumor size. Miraculously, after just 6 months of treatment with Hemp oil, the radiograph obtained is completely clean! No trace of the tumor in just 8 months of treatment!


My diabetes went away !

Ioana B. from Galati / Romania was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes following multiple medications to combat thyroid dysfunction, she sought natural solutions to manage the blood sugar level, the weight that had gone wrong, and even the functioning of the liver that had begun creak. Without hope and ready to try anything that would improve her health, Ioana turned to Hemp oil treatment she had heard from a good friend. Although skeptical at first and even worried about the possible negative effects that Hemp oil might have on her, she found that within 1 year her health problems were gone!

Now I'm glad I tried hemp oil treatment! It's just miraculous! My diabetes ... it's gone! The blood sugar level has stabilized to 100, the thyroid works normally, and even managed to get some good kilos down! I feel healthier than ever!
Ioana said.


I went to dialysis every day ! Now I only go once a month !

It's the story of a patient whose nutritionist Jacques Boshoff, the author of the renowned Health Bytes health pills, has recommended Hemp oil treatment. Mr. John Francis began treatment with Hemp oil because of his disabling kidney. The supply of Hemp oil to the detoxifying juice it consumes each morning has done real wonders. After one year of treatment, his kidneys work almost normally! They have resumed their functions! He is very happy! He continues to dial once a month, out of caution.


Goodbye, headaches, insomnia, noises in the ears !

For years afterwards, Rick's powerful migraines, earshots and killer insomnia crushed his life. In 1998, tired of pain and seeing that the treatment used did not work, he turned to Hemp oil. As soon as he began to take Hemp oil, his life changed! Headaches are gone, ear noises have become more subdued, and the quality of nighttime sleep has improved dramatically! Hemp oil treatment even beat the pains of wrists that tortured him, and even his tension dropped! In just a few months people began to notice the changes they made with him. Today, Rick is the supporter of Hemp oil treatment. He dedicated his life to telling everyone affected by various diseases as he is convinced of his miraculous effects.

There are only a few of the thousands of cases in which Hemp oil

treatment was proven savior !


Smoke = Love + Peace

References & Photos / Hempworld / Burebista / Ascensiuneaspiritului /
/ Wikipedia /


Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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Hi.isn't it thc that kills cancer cells ,therefor cannabis oil is needed rather than cbd .? Also,the mention of "reduced ear noise" in your post : i wonder if thc/cbd can help tinnitus?


Yes THC help cancer's patients / But As I believe educational posts is needed I came up with this series, about hemp oil that also help cancer's patients / Another series about TCH coming soon.

For Tinnitus feel free to read


How do you know THC kills cancer cells?

Sorry to break it down, but this is misinformation. Here is why I think so. Now, you may agree or disagree, but we need to be objective. It helps cancer patients, it doesn't cure them. Difference is huge.


Thanks for correction / it help cancer's patients / I agree fully with you / The typo was corrected / Thanks again.