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The NFL Offensive Lineman was born in Provo, Utah and moved to Southern California when he was 10, and it was there that he started skateboarding, surfing and playing music. He played baseball and wrestled and decided to play football his senior year of High School. Following college, he became a professional football player in the NFL.


He played five seasons for the New Orleans Saints and a year with the St. Louis Rams, where he suffered a Back Injury that took him out of play for the next two seasons. In 2006 he was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs where he played for two years before Retiring in December 2007.


During his NFL career he became reliant on Pain Killers associated with depression, anxiety and rage. Diagnosed with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) due to the 100-plus concussions he received during the 10 years he played as an NFL Offensive Lineman, he struggled with pharmaceutical addiction, violent thoughts, and suicidal tendencies until he started taking Medical Marijuana. He said:

It saved my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I would not have my family, my kids, my house, everything I have right now, if not for cannabis.

Cannabis Saved Mr. Turley's Life

So, Who is The NFL Offensive Lineman!

He is one of the board members of Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, the organization providing Medical Care and other forms of assistance to Retired NFL Players in dire need. He is Kyle John Turley (Born September 24, 1975), the former American Football offensive lineman who played eight seasons in the National Football League.


His High Level of play earned him All-Pro honors for the 2000 season and a Pro Bowl invite following the 2001 season. His career is best remembered by many for a 2001 incident in which he ripped off an opposing player's helmet and tossed it downfield, playing a key factor in his team losing the game but also earning the respect of many Saints Fans for his defense of the quarterback.

Following his NFL Career, he moved to Nashville where he launched his music career, playing his "Power Country" style and began touring with his band alongside Hank Williams III.


Mr. Turley & Gridiron Cannabis Coalition

As #Cannabis got him out of his Addiction to Opiates and saved his life, he started telling people about his experience and began to move it forward by sharing information on the right products that he found worked unbelievably well, and founded the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition (GCC is dedicated to the advancement of medical marijuana), to use his story of other players to advance the idea of #Marijuana as a Valid Medicine for neurological conditions and other athletic injuries. He said:

This plant has to be set free. We have people committing suicide in football and other sports. How far do we have to go?

Mr. Turley Discusses Cannabis and Mental Illness

Mr. Turley & Chasing Strains

The board member of Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, Mr. Turley, in this 3-part series ( Part I / Part II / Part III ) of Chasing Strains, will take you on his journey to to deal with the damaging effects of football and how he found marijuana to be the best available treatment for the problems that he was facing.

Chasing Strains (Part 1)

Mr. Turley / Neuro XPF's founder

He put all of that knowledge to work when he realized that the Cannabis Industry needed help on the marketing and branding side. He Kept Talking About His Experience, but realized that words often fall on deaf ears. He thought that the best way he could contribute To Create A Product that could help save other lives, and to make others feel the way that he feels. He sets out to turn the naysayers into believers.


He has created Neuro XPF, a lab tested, federal guideline compliant, THC-Free, CBD (Hemp derived) cannabis supplement focused on Bioavailability. CBD has shown in studies to have neuro-protective and antioxidative properties that could address a myriad of maladies facing Military & NFL Veterans while supporting the general health and well being of all aged athletes.


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people are waking up to the reality of repeated concussions in these sports, it's not good, cbd can help but the sport itself needs to change, get rid of the armour!


You are right. It is a brutal and I am not fan of this kind of sport. Long time ago, Theodore Roosevelt asked to shut the college programme down unless the young men from Harvard, Princeton & Yale stopped dying on the field. / Thanks for great support.