Green Pearl / The Warrior & The Youngest CEO In Canna Space

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The youngest CEO In #Canna-Space, was born prematurely on Dec. 7, 2005, along with her twin brother, she was the "Life Giver" to her brother, who was unable to regulate his body temperature, as he stabilized when he slept next to his sister in the bassinet.

In 2013 (At the age of seven), her face began to disfigure, her cheeks began to swell, and her teeth began falling out at a rapid and suspect rate. Her parents were shocked after few weeks and hundreds of tests, to learn that an aggressive tumour was eating away at their daughter's facial bones.


The diagnosis was aggressive giant cell granuloma (AGCG). This type of granuloma is thought to have only been found in very few people worldwide, it was a rare and aggressive tumour that would compromise her quality of life and confort.

She was "The Warrior" that defeated the rare facial tumore with the help of cannabis oil, as the medicinal miracle, in oil form (CBD and THCA either through a pipette or in capsule form four times each day) provided unexpected results, she said:

Shortly after taking cannabis oil, my pain started going away, my bones started regenerating, my seizures decreased a lot, and the roots of my teeth started growing back!


She is Rylie Maedler, the honors student in the 7th grade who also loves to sing and spend quality time with her cat, "Toby". She is the "Green Pearl", who has found a way to continue her goals while living a full and happy life, despite having a seizure disorder and one of the rarest types of debilitating bone tumors in the world, AGCG.

She has accomplished more than most of us midway into adulthood. Not only is this teenage powerhouse the CEO of her own cannabis company, Rylie’s Sunshine, and the founder of a non profit, Rylie’s Smile Foundation, but she is the driving force behind three laws granting children in her home state of Delaware legal access to medical cannabis!


She travels the world speaking at medical cannabis conferences, advocates for pediatrics to have safe access to medical cannabis and for advancements in the research of rare diseases using #Cannabis preparations. While the word "inspirational" is grossly overused, there is no other word to describe the young cannabis #Activist and daily medical cannabis user.

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A very good success story on using cannabis as a remedy for her illness.. every doctor particularly pain doctors should have the balls to really push through the use of marijuana in their therapy... The point is, they should have their own guts and present their concept on how the strains help a person instead of prescribing pharma synthetic medicines to their patients..

It´s a corrupt world too in terms of pharma made medicines and the medical system. The doctor gets a visit from a Pharma Rep and would probably offer a commission on how many packs of the pain relievers/ products had he prescribed to his patients and based on the figures he gets sort of a bonus... that is only a theory but I supposed it is a common practice since decades**.

This is how I love now, I learned a lot of good story the world's doesn't know.
I will spread it all and thank you @lordoftruth for sharing this.
So amazing!

Goodbye pharmaceutical company!
CANNABIS is the best!