AEA / The Bliss Molecule / Part II

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If you want to know what is Anandamide ( AEA ) and to read about Black Truffles, feel free to read: AEA / The Bliss Molecule / Part I.

Martisor & Anandamide


As today is 1st day of March, the symbol of spring, and respect and admiration for women, I handed out few Martisors ! / As ECS plays a role in a wide variety of bodily functions, including attention and pleasure !
Martisor is a celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians and Moldovans. Martisor became more a symbol of friendship, love, appreciation and respect. The black threads were replaced by red, but the delicate wool string is still a cottage industry among people in the countryside, who comb out the wool, dye the floss, and twist it into thousands of tassels.

The Happiness & Anandamide Link


Some people it seems are just born happy, while others have to seriously work at it.
The genetic cards we are dealt certainly do play a part in our happiness, and scientists have discovered that whole nations that score off the chart on the happiness barometer, share the same genetic mutation. They produce less of the enzyme FAAH ( Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase ) which is responsible for breaking down a chemical in the body called Anandamide.

How To Boost It Naturally !

  • Enjoy a Runner’s High.
  • Eat Chocolate.
  • Go Truffle Hunting.
  • Get Cosy With Kaempferol.
  • Get CBD.

#Cannabis & #Anandamide



  • THC’s structure is similar to the brain chemical Anandamide. Similarity in structure allows the body to recognize THC and to alter normal brain communication. THC hijacks one among the normal binding locations of anandamide. The primary binding locations of interest area unit the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. THC fits where Anandamide fits.
  • THC encompasses a considerably longer half-life than AEA. AEA breaks down at intervals half-hour, whereas THC will still be excreted within the piddle for seven days once an important dose of the cannabinoid.

  • THC is able to attach to molecules called cannabinoid receptors on neurons in these brain areas and activate them, disrupting various mental and physical functions, so THC may take over the traditional landing sites for AEA, but other cannabinoids affect the molecule in different ways.

  • Research suggests that CBD a compound which does not cause a psychoactive "High", may improve the circulation of AEA by preventing its breakdown. Cell line analysis suggests that CBD treatment prevents a selected accelerator, FAAH, from degrading AEA. This is thought to boost the amount of AEA in the body, perhaps easing anxiety !

Chocolate & Anandamide


  • #Chocolate is one amongst the foremost desired foods within the world. It simply melts in our mouth and tastes therefore sensible that a lot of people area unit able to eat them at any given time.

  • One amongst The Explanations why we tend to love chocolates is as a result of they contain a substance known as Anandamide. In Sanskrit, Ananda means Bliss.

  • Once we eat chocolates, Anandamide gift within them binds to special receptors in the brain giving us seventh heaven and joy, thus making us love chocolates.

  • Some chocolates also contain substances like Theobromine. It is thought that this theobromine makes our brain produce anandamide by itself, making sure that we feel blissful after eating chocolates.

For Better Understanding, Feel Free To Enjoy The Below Video

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Part III Coming Soon...

Smoke = Love + Peace

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very nice video I have to say. I am Addicted to chocolate and it is absolutely true. A couple of days ago I felt re-born when I ate so much chocolate during my working session and this gave me happiness even if I was so stressed for the overload. I was lucky and I got the two answer correctly. Dogs is not able to digest chocolate that's why it can have food poisoning and even dye if the amount of chocolate was too much. Salt instead is something we always add... but Iwasn;t sure about the actual answer... for logic I decided to go for the second one and actually it was correct! Very nice post. I was delight to read it and watching the video I have learned something more!