Complete Guide to creating an Alchemical Spagyric Tincture of CBD-Flowers!

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9 months ago

We are completing our First Cannabis Project

I am adding the first part as a refresher for those that didn't begin with us from the beginning.

If you choose to follow along to make your own potent Hemp Medicine inspired by Alchemical Principles then consider granting a visit to Coalabis to purchase some Flowers from them for the project! They will be launching an online-store sometime soon, so like them on FB to stay tuned for that!

What you will need (minimum requirements):

-Hemp Flowers ( 5grams would be my minimum recommendation, ideal 10-20grams and ++++)

-Alcohol 96% Grain-Alcohol (SuperMarket in the alcohol section)

-A Glass Jar.

-A metal pan to burn your herb in or some other container that is fireproof.

-Distilled Water

-Glass Oven-Proof Dish/Pan

The Complete Steps START TO FINISH:
(Photos at the End)

-Take the Cannabis Flowers(grinded) and put it in a mason jar with a one liter capacity. ( Depending on the amount you use a smaller jar is fine, just make sure that about half of the jar is airspace, this allows the material to breath)

-Then we add alcohol in a ratio of 2 parts alcohol to 1 part plant approximately. (Make sure your herb is submerged by at least 2-3 cm of alcohol, more is better than too little)(For super efficient extraction you can blend the herb in a mixer with the alcohol)

-This we leave to macerate for at least 2 weeks. 40days would be perfect. It is best you use a bigger jar so that the tincture can "breath" inside the sealed jar, you can put it near a radiator in a dark space, shake daily!

-After this time, we then take our tincture and filter it through a coffee filter. ( You can clean the jar and pour the tincture back into the original jar you used). DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PLANT MATERIAL IN THE FILTER

-The leftover material that was filtered out, is put into a fireproof pan or pot, then we go outside and set fire to it.
If you have a fireproof container, you can light your grill and set it on the grill, let it burn and once it has burned down keep it on the grill to make sure the ashes are burnt down as far you can take them, we need a fine white/grey ash!

-Once this ash is obtained, we then use a glass bottle to put them in and add DISTILLED WATER, minimum 500ml for small amounts. Let it soak for a day or two. (If you wish a faster method, you can boil the ash solution in water and this way you can boil away half of the liquid) (IF THE ASHES WERE PROPERLY BURNT, THE WATER WILL BE a Grayish Color, if it has a strong orange color, it means your ashes weren't burnt properly, see end of article to see what to do if the burn was incomplete)

-If your ashes were burnt properly and you obtained a grayish liquid. Then simply filter through a coffee filter and pour the liquid in a oven-proof glass dish and gently evaporate ALL of the Water at 120° in the oven, once the salts have crystallized you can turn up the heat to 250° for another 20minutes, to remove all moisture from the salts.

-If this was successful you will have a white/grey layer of highly alkaline salts in your glass-dish, which you can scrape out using a razor blade. (Can dare to taste a small dab of your finger, they are prickly and highly alkaline)

-Now all you need to do is recombine the salts with your tincture!

-Leave this to sit for another week or 2 on a radiator at 30-40°C, and then filter one last time to remove the salts that did not react with the tincture. And you have your Spagyric CBD Tincture.

This is a highly potent remedy, there is no equivalent to this on the market. It is medically of greater benefit than the flowers alone, it is in a much higher order of bio-availability and also much easier to assimilate by the body.
DILUTE IN DRINK BEFORE USE!!!!, pure alcohol will burn your mouth if you take a pure drop!!

You can start out with 3 Drops, and adjust your dosage from there until you find your sweet spot, this is much stronger than just CBD-oil or even making tea from the flowers.

(PS. if you didnt get a proper burn on the ashes, and the water tinges orange, then you have to wash them further, you take the orange liquid, put it in a glass oven-proof dish, evaporate the water and then leave it on high heat 250°+ for an extended period of time, it should eventually start turning black, at this stage you can pour fresh distilled water over the burnt salts, filter the liquid through a coffee filter, and then evaporate again. If done properly your salts will now be clean)

Photo Guide to some of the Steps.

Filtering the Tincture after Maceration

Burning the Leftover Plant Material to a Fine Grey(White Ash

Our Ashes ready for extraction of the alkaline Mineral Salt profile of our Plant.

Boiling the ashes in Distilled Water to extract the salts into the water

Evaporating the Liquid after filtering the ashes out, left side is almost dry, the white salts shining beautifully, right side is still wet.

Our salts scraped out and ready to be married with the Tincture

Marriage between salts and tincture

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Feeling so glad to be part of this project. Now i can actually learn alot of stuff and can become the Heisenberg in real :)


@a4illusionist you will become an Alchemist Heisenberg using this method ;)

Using THC-Cannabis, this will produce a potent psychoactive product, which is on a whole different level than just cannabis as we are familiar with. Even more potent than regular edibles.

as mentioned in some of the replies, the acid-base reactions between the cannabinoid-acids and alkaline salts, creates a whole host of new cannabinoids otherwise not to be found in cannabis itself.

More Bio-available, better assimilated by the body, more resistant to stomach acids etc etc :)

Cool to see in action. I would like to try.



If you do post a photo of the finished product, I offer a prize to all those that complete the project and document it :)

Amazing, detailed and well explained. Takes a lot of time, but seems to be worth it. Tbh, not sure if I'd have enough patience to do it even though I think it's pretty straightforward if I follow your guide.

Just to not have the case of where did I read it, if I ever decide to do it, I'm going to resmoke this post.


@psyceratopsb It seems lengthy, but the length is more the waiting time between the processes than actual work :)

Burning the plant matter properly is what needs the most effort, since you want to make sure it is burnt to fine ash without any residual unburnt matter.

For the rest this creates using actual cannabis that contains THC a way more psychoactive product than any cannabis product on the market :) A whole range of new cannabinoids are created in the reaction between the salts and the cannabinoid-acids!

I hardly up-smoke but i just have to. This is a great step by step way of creating alchemical tincture. Thank you


Very welcome mate, a pleasure to share, no room in this world for hoarding all that is true gold :P

Your post inspired us to create a channel in our server dedicated to recipes, like this one.
It will be on top with some other posts you made before. Need to take some time and go through it all.

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@cryptosmokers Wow that is awesome!! This method is one I have not encountered being used with cannabis whatsoever, and originates from old texts describing alchemical processes of working with plants.

The THC and CBD are both acids that are extracted by the alcohol.

When the alkaline salts are merged with the tincture.

There is acid-base reactions happening, one of the effects is a natural cold-process decarboxylation which is necessary if you make THC-edibles. But the common method is to heat the cannabis to cause this, which is very ineffective since it destroys many of the heat-sensitive beneficial compounds!

For the rest this creates using actual cannabis that contains THC a way more psychoactive product than any cannabis product on the market :) A whole range of new cannabinoids are created in the reaction between the salts and the cannabinoid-acids!

This works with every plant, not just cannabis ;)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


Is there any way you can metrically measure the dose and know how much you have; or should you just split, for example 5 grams and say you have 10 doses?
Have you experimented this way?



If you use CBD I would not worry too much about the Dose, but it is way more potent, since the compounds are way more stable, including passing through the digestion system.

Which is why I'd recommend a 1-3 drops dose at first for subtle effects, or for pain relief, below the threshold of consciousness.

If you are taking it for a serious condition, you can start with 10-13 drops.

(Although using THC variants, I would work myself up slowly and see how it effects you, this will kick your ass, way harder than an edible in terms of psychoactivity, so doses are lower, than what one usually would take!)


(Although using THC variants, I would work myself up slowly and see how it effects you, this will kick your ass, way harder than an edible in terms of psychoactivity, so doses are lower, than what one usually would take!)

[rubbing hands vigorously]

Amazing guide dude! I'm totally mindblown by the ashes trick, there is something to be learned every day. Where have you learned for it? I would love to read more about it, if you could share a link that would be wonderful!


@thecodelion I learned it in my alchemical studies, I have a website which is my alchemical art portfolio with tons of resources to dive deeper into the methods that they used to work with and prepare plants :) (Alchemy section in navigation) and (Explore->Study Resources Section) You can feel free to feast on what I collected there of my own work and information from the sources where I learned it myself from over the last few years. <3

If there are any questions you have, feel free to ask me, open to help others as I was helped on my own path!

And thank you mate :)


Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I will try to look in to it in upcoming days, there are loads of books on your resources list, a bunch of "cheats" as I like to call them. Love learning stuff like that. No, thank you dude!

Awesome. Upsmoked and Resmoked.


@offgrid Thank you, very much appreciated mate!