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6 months ago

My friend Chad has a degree in botany and is the owner of Oregon Hemp Genetics and Oregon Hemp Analytics. I have learned almost everything I know about organic gardening and organic pest control from this master grower, and am currently learning even more from him about growing hemp naturally, and how the testing of cannabis and hemp flowers actually works. He is also the only person I know with the necessary facilities, wisdom, experience, and will to preserve current, resurrect extinct, and develop new cannabis and hemp strain genetics. I was recently able to provide him with legendary strain seeds known as Moloka'i Frost, which is usually exclusive to Hawaii, and rarely ever seen off the islands (flowering time of 95 days - more on that later).


The following video shows off the Oregon Hemp Genetics hemp field with all of its amazing colors, quickly followed by my explanation of the societal and environmental importance of the legal hemp industry emerging in Oregon. I also dive into the topic of how my partner and I are in a great position to facilitate becoming processors of hemp (into paper, plastics, and fabric), and set the standard by becoming an example of how to process hemp into these raw materials the natural way in symbiosis with the Earth (yes, you can in fact mess up hemp).


I also mention the Guatemalan natural textile and natural dyeing moment, and explain how their methods of creating clothing are the most sustainable, healthy, and as close to the Earth as you can get. With our combined experience, connections, and will do do things the right way, we are being called to this. Please enjoy the video, and remember that for every acre of trees harvested for paper, hemp can produce up to six times as much paper in that same acre (not to mention hemp producing more oxygen than most trees), and grows back at an incomparably faster rate.

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On a side note, working at this farm has been quite a switch from what I am used to dealing with in the past. These people are actually interested in what I have to say and offer, and treat me more than fairly. We are provided with hot food and are frequently given free organically grown cannabis as well when there is extra to go around, which keeps my joints fat. I no longer get my genetics from anywhere else.

I will also be publishing an article soon about a company that has found ways to construct functional art pieces out of hemp stalks - and advocate using the ENTIRE hemp plant over all else.

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Bless & Blaze Up Bredren


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I've always dreamed of the day that hemp is finally used to it's full potential industrially!

Imagine just what we could do with hemp steel alone.... it's lighter AND stronger than regular steel when made properly. That alone provides an incredible opportunity for the future! Throw in all the other applications... Oh lord. :D


Your not kidding there. Its just a matter of time and ingenuity. We will get it together when humans and hemp merge properly to heal the planet and ourselves. Blessings.