Cannabis Dyed Organic Anarchapulco Shirts COMPLETED - Exclusive Video

8 months ago

This project has taken a long time, and involved many complex steps, but just like at harvest, its time to reap what we have sewn. These shirts are 100% organic, unbleached fabric from W.R.A.P. certified facilities, either herbal dyed with plants (cannabis is this case) or low impact tie dyed, and the designs are winning entries from my online design contest - first and second place logos were combined to form a custom design for the front of the shirts, with the third place State of Anarchy design on the back of the shirts.

If you missed my original post about our cannabis dyed shirts, click here to view the video and explanation for more details about the process.

Please enjoy this exclusive video showing off our completed T-shirts, and giving a more detailed explanation of the project.

Click pic below to play

And here are several modeled shots of Hempress and myself with the shirts








We wear what we love - you should too - Cannabis Crew 4 Life.

#canna-curate #cannabis #natural #clothing #art #life

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You should link to your previous article about tye dying these with cannabis leaves in the first paragraph.

They come out sweet! nice work!


Thank your for reminding me. I have been meaning to throw that link in there but kept forgetting. UPDATED.

I love the design and logo. Being someone who also loves doing tie dye I love the colors very much. Is that a radio wave pattern or fan fold you did there? The name also sounds awesome.
Great work on those shirts.
Keep up that great work. ✌️


I think it was a fan fold, there were 8 different artists that helped work on the tie dyes. That particular one was made by my homie's fiance. Thank you for the positive support bro.

Beautiful designs :) will you be attending anarchapulco?


I will at least be in Acapulco for the month of February. I am for sure attending Anarkawakening, the Turtle Party, and Anarkaforko. I am pretty sure we will also be at Anarchapulco, but there is a lot of moving pieces there so we will see. Hopefully at least my shirts will be there at the State of Anarchy table, even if I am not.


Are you planning to go to any of the conferences this year?


Had plans but the current market conditions is not in my favour. Next year :)

What up bro I didn't know you were on here. Nice to see a stacker on smoke.


Hey whats going on homie? Yea smoke is pretty cool. Very appropriate place for someone like me. I'm glad to see you on here too buddy.

Looks like the high standard.
Great work!


HAHA - that is pretty clever, points for creativity.

I love the design! Are you selling them also? If so, how much are they going for.


DM on Discord for more info.