Nearing The End of my Green Balm

2 months ago

I have been struggling with sciatic pain/numbness for nearly 3 weeks now. Slowly things are getting better but the rate of healing is not fast enough for my liking. This is why I have been lathering this Green Balm on areas which may be causing the issue.


Ohana Green Balm - Island Breeze

I was contacted about interest the creator of this cream showed when hearing about what I do online. I hope to review the entire line as I have been pleased with this one tester the fiancé and I were gifted. It doesn’t seem like much at a glance but the stuff goes a long way unless your using it like I have been the last few weeks.

Healing Encouragement


So my issue is deep, relating to inflammation in my butt muscle ( piriformis I think it was ) causing pain and numbness in the entire sciatic nerve. Issue runs down the back of upper right leg into butt and down outside lower leg into outside toes. Sometimes pain at region I believe to be the pinch, where the nerve runs through this muscle. That’s my best understanding of what has been explained to me applied to what I am experiencing.

The pain is so deep cream does nothing directly but application where the muscle attaches seems to help it relax. Outside hip where numb and basically the tailbone into cheek.

What I have noticed is that applying in the morning and before bed I am much less stiff then without. I believe it is mostly circulation encouragement which would relate to increased healing. There is also the factor of essential oils, THC, CBD which if you rub this stuff on your temples there is a noticeable effect. For what I am experiencing, limited amounts of pain, it appears to do nothing but with continued application my symptoms are less apparent.

One key thing it seems to help with is muscular resets. When your so out of alignment that it hurts after the chiro visit. If I rub down before I go on the areas I believe will be of issue I not only adjust easier but my doc is pleasantly surprised with a good smelling dude LOL no seriously the pain afterwards is much less.

Maybe it lessens the muscular reaction ... I know nothing other than what I have been told and I speak only from my experience and I need to get me some more soon 😅

That’s it, @D00k13 OUT!!!

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