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Photo of Gorilla Grape grown by me indoors in coco with House and Garden.
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I k ow where you are going with this and what you mean. But that "big pharma" you say made my sister live through everyday therapy as her thyroid gland doesn't work. My godfather has diabetes. Again, pharma made him live with their products.

Half mother, from my sister has schizophrenia, meds help her clearly...

I'm with you on the pernicious effects of Big Pharma. The side-effects are often starting points for 'fresh' treatments and the cycle of dependence and deterioration goes on. The biggest thing IMO is the 'learned helplessness' that goes with depending on the 'experts' to 'fix' a 'condition' - here folk are at the mercy of agendas and propaganda that is not in the interests of their 'good health', but in the interests of maximising profit through the maximisation of sickness. Thus vaccines can ensure a 'customer' for life and who knows what the lifelong physical and mental side-effects of chemicals are. On top of that is the generic mental fuckup that comes from being conditioned from birth, being used and abused as a child etc - this too Big Pharma cashes in on. Sure (@ Psy and Zuculuz) 'medication' can soften the sharp jagged edges of something like depression or schizophrenia, but this is no cure, it is to deaden feeling so the pain is not felt as intensely. There is no long term, permanent relief to be obtained from Big Pharma. The 'learned helplessness' can instead be unlearnt, this is possible. Real medicine is not toxic, does not create secondary conditions, has no side-effects, is lasting. Such medicine is not to found in any prescription as far as I can see.


Thank you for that. I was upset that anyone on smoke could defend pharmaceutical companies and their deadly drugs. Your words articulate perfectly what I would like to say in response. Again thank you 🙏

Im not saying you are right or wrong. I dont like big P either. I also belive that they are the cause of a lot of death in the world. Unnecesery deaths. But as my brother said big P has helped a lot of people. And Its actually false to say noone died from cannabis. Directly from cannabis no. noone specifically died but from the side there are a lot of idiots who drive high and get themselfes and others killed for instance. There have aslo been other reports that I am trying to find and look trough the sources, but a few years back there was a report of an 11 month old baby that had a seizure and died due to being exposed to high quanitites of cannabis smoke.

Probably that is the only fact which doesn't efffects my motivation on smoking cannabis and the only thing we should not forget is that everything has a limit .. I mean everything