Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cannabinoid Medicine~Janna Champagne, RN, BSN, Cannabis Nurse

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8 months ago

Nurse Janna Champagne, RN, BSN, Cannabis Nurse and Medical Cannabis Expert joined me to discuss her lived experience and work in the cannabis industry, including the success she's had utilizing cannabinoid medicine for her daughter with Autism.

Janna's introduction to the cannabis industry began as a cannabis patient when she suffered a health collapse in 2012. She credits cannabis for helping to reduce her reliance on harmful pharmaceuticals, and for supporting her ability to regain optimal health status. Janna is also known for her daughter's cannabis/Autism success story, which published on the cover story in a nationwide industry magazine in 2017.

We engage in a discussion covering Janna's initial entry into the industry to address her own serious health issues and from there launch into a discussion of her daughter's diagnosis and lived experience of Autism.

"I believe Autism is dysfunction in the is the triad of the gut, the brain and the immune system and the interactions between them okay, this is where main mainstream medicine is really failing to address autism because it's not looking at that it's, it's doing it like many of the mental health disorders where they just they have these symptoms. We're going to label them autism. Oh, yeah, I think we can do put it in the bottle we can try the mental health pharmaceuticals. But beyond that, they don't look at how to heal the gut."

"As a nurse, my approach has always been with my daughter with myself , my patients, we're supposed to weigh the risk versus benefit of all of the options and guide our patient to make an informed decision. And obviously, you know, ideally, they would choose the least risky options with the most potential benefits. And I have seen literally I've worked with thousands of patients directly individually. And it's so commonplace for patients to reduce their reliance on pharmaceuticals, once they start cannabis therapy, and really improve their quality of life. You know, in the elderly population. I've seen reversals of dementia, really the autism population I've seen improved behavior, improved quality of life, improved function."

"I see cannabis as having the potential to revolutionize our broken healthcare system with you, but the only way that is going to happen is if we keep it pure, and keep it medical quality and keep it patient-focused, because if we go the farmer route, we're going to end up exactly where are right now with pharmaceuticals that aren't effective, they're creating customers not cures, and they're not in the best interest of patients. That's why I am so driven to try to educate, and really bring people on board that are patient-focused, and really highlight those companies."

Thanks Janna for opening our eyes to the amazing potential of cannabis to continue to profoundly impact the lives of so many desperate for answers beyond the mainstream medical system. A true Healthcare Revolution!

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It's great to see people advocating for legal cannabis. It should have never been illegal to begin with! This nurse is woke! Haha.