My kid came home from the hospital after 10 days - what it looks like

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My kid has been hospitalized and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is an auto-immune disease. In short her immune system is too strong, and it destroyed her own beta cells in the pancreas. Those cells produce insulin which pushes energy into our body cells.

My kid always had well balanced and healthy diet, so diet changes were minor. The only thing that has been changes is that we swapped white sugar which has too much glucose, for the Stevia sweetener which has none but tastes exactly the same.

She stayed in the hospital for 10 days, we both received education about her condition, how to control and treat it, and also education that is a must, a common sense nutrition.

The treatment of the type 1 includes insulin and strict monitoring of her blood sugar levels. A healthy lifestyle is self-explanatory as it will keep blood sugar as close to natural as possible and it will also prevent a long term complications.

After an hour as we came home, and 2 hours after her lunch in the hospital she started to feel bad, and her sugar level dropped on 3 mmol, she received water and sugar and after 15 minutes her level was at 5 which is acceptable.
5 minutes after I gave her a "help meal" that is NOT covered with the insulin and it is used to deal with hypoglycemia. It is made of the 15 grams of carbs incorporated into a meal- a quickly fried meat, half of a slice of high protein high fiber bread and 1 cube of dark chocolate. The whole set contained 15 g carbs as proscribed.
After 70 minutes we measured her blood sugar and it was on 6.6, and then she had a regular middle meal ( between lunch and dinner) containing 1 low carbs yogurt and slice of apple ( around 10 g of carbs in total), covered as proscribed with 1 unit of insulin.
In the hospital a middle meal was either apple, orange or yogurt, so this is acceptable quantity.

The incidents of the hypoglycemia will be more frequent in the first days as her body recuperated in the hospital and she still has active some beta cells, so her levels of blood sugar has to be closely monitored as they are unpredictable, and also dealt with.
For some period of time her need for insulin will decreased, so I will need to lower her dosage as we go and solve the hypoglycemia with sugar and help meals.
This is called remission and it happens in many cases. Sometimes people even do not need any insulin for the prolong period of time, after which unfortunately in the big majority of the cases immune reaction totals all the beta cells and people in general need more insulin to deal with the blood sugar levels.

I am still little uncertain but I have all things set, phone numbers, doctors and the support group online on my disposal so there are a great chance these first steps living with type 1 diabetic child will pass as smoothly as possible.

Aside of the professional help in the hospital and your online comments, which were also a very nice thing to have - I had no - so to say - a real life emotional support.
My husband works pretty much the whole day, and it would not be a very wise idea to destabilize him no matter how idiotic that sounds.
I expected more from him, he did try, but it was completely futile to expect a bit stronger support from a person who is in general emotionally softer than me.

Maybe a piece of rock is harder than me, but still... You expect something, you know, no matter what you deal with, something, not only the blank statements.
No matter if you come as an indestructible, like a person who is always so well balanced as a brand new car tire, somebody who will always be there, solve problems, be a support, bring the food in bed when your bellowed one is ill, change the diapers when they grow old and senile... but you expect something.

So I asked him - as I take care for both of them, obviously in this moment an each in a different way - what will happen if I fuck up myself, who will take care about me? I don't know if he meant it as a joke, but he said well, you will have to do it yourself.
So charming... After going through possibly - NO! - not possibly, but THE WORST period of my life alone - that child's health and well being was and is basically my whole world, he goes on me like that.
I don't think he realized what he blabbed, possible technical mistake.... but...

I guess this is what being The Boss feels like - you know, people howl his name for anything, because he is so powerful and can solve everything, but all comes down to a fact of being a roll of toilet paper, wiping their shit... and nobody really cares, because he is so freaking strong.

Great to know it. Thanks a lot. You are such a sport.

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