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2 years ago


All over world peoples most likely wine to use hangover.


Wine is good liquid to do smokes red wine, black wine, rose flavor wine and other types of wine.

Profit of wine

  1. When anybody want to take rest in everyday life then people use wine, drink and rest sometimes.

  2. If any body feeling cloudy in winter season then use wine to keep own body hit and balance our body's temperature.

  3. Some peoples only drinks party, big occasions, marraige ceremony and other times.

I don't know about drinking wine more information only a little.

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I don't think this is cannabis related


Sir I m new of this sites
So if any mistakes then please for give me beg


Only cannabis related contents gets curation here

I visited your blog.

Why Wine !

The secret of hash lifts up the spirit
In an ascent of disembodied thinking
It is pure spirit. Free are its confines
From worries. Only the elect may taste it
Cannabis involves no sin. You are not punished!

Their wine makes you forget all meanings
Our herb Recalls the mysteries of godly beauty
You can obtain the green stuff without haggling
You do not need much gold and silver for it
Tucked in a handkerchief it can be carried!

No cup is needed if you wish to use it
You find yourself clean, virtuous and witty
Bright too and free from all annoying dullness
The body is not tired eliminating
And vomiting like an inflated wine skin!

The Green Prophet