Can You Get A Weed Hangover?

10 months ago

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Most people do not talk about having a weed hangover, but it’s real.

Most people know how it feels to have a hangover from drinking. It is a miserable feeling and will make you hate booze for a moment. It messes your well-being and moods making your productivity lower than usual.

It is not as substantial as the alcohol effect, but you will have some marijuana hangover symptoms after enjoying a good smoking session. This means you smoke more than what your body is used to and it reacts to the overdose the following day as the highness effect wears out.

The signs include:


Marijuana gives you a dry mouth when you overdo it, due to dehydration. The lack of enough water in the body can give you a headache.

What you need to do is drink a lot of water and avoid salty foods. Have a bottle of water with you during the smoking session and keep drinking more after you are done smoking.

Keeping hydrated should you reduce the chances of having to deal with a splitting headache after having fun with friends.

Brain Fog

Marijuana can mess with your cognitive functions if used long-term and in significant amounts according to studies. The same thing happens when you are dehydrated; it slows your memory and how your brain functions.

It is worsened by the fact that weed smoking sessions can go for hours and mess with your sleeping patterns. But, sleeping for long does not guarantee you a clear mind; you are likely to feel still sluggish if you overdid it the previous night.

Coffee can help you with alertness and plenty of water to flush out the toxins. If you are feeling foggy in the morning after a terrific marijuana smoking time, you can also take a shower, run or go to the gym. Also, eat healthy food throughout the day and avoid sodas.


Marijuana contains THC, which is cannabinoid. The cannabinoid sticks to the submandibular glands; these are glands that produce saliva. When cannabinoid binds to the glands, the mouth stops producing saliva.

This is why you wake with a “cotton mouth” after a super high time.

Dealing with dehydration is easy, drink to rehydrate your body and get well. Also, eat watery fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Dry Eyes

Marijuana-induced dehydration makes you feel terrible, and it does not spare any part of your body.

THC dilates the ocular capillaries which created the infamous red eyes most users experience. They become dry and feel tired as well.

To eliminate the discomfort, you can use rewetting drops and avoid fast foods completely.


After a weed-binge, you are likely to fall asleep fast. However, you are not assured quality sleep, and that’s why you wake up with a lot of fatigue the following day.

The best way to get rid of the fatigue is sleeping after the high has worn off. But this may not be possible due to work and family obligations.

Eat healthy foods, drink coffee and a lot of water throughout the day. Avoid smoking more weed and reduce the number of times you overindulge.

The marijuana hangover remains a topic of contention among some people. The only people who believe in this hangover are those who have experienced it firsthand. However, the primary cause of the unpleasant feeling is mainly due to smoking more than your body is used to.

Have you experienced a weed hangover?

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Lol.. I do experience serious tiredness and too weak to do things i normally and easily do. The point is , too much of anything is bad, its best one stick to the quantity of weed that suits your body system whether smoking marijuana or weed edibles. But the funny part, after the hangover i tend to become most active and productive. Resmoked.


If I don't sleep enough after a sesh I feel completely toasted for a few hours in the morn.. Nothing coffee and a nother spliff can't sort out. :D

Are these as much hangovers as the are side effects tho?
I can saw any smoker has likely had these but i think dry mouth is a side effect maybe i am wrong.

Also can you remove your vote here it is copied from


Google serps has the most searches for 'can you get a weed hangover'.. hence why I chose that phrase.. perhaps I will write another article about the side effects :)

Removed vote.


Thanks and interesting maybe it can be who knows i guess i can tell as i smoke daily


I smoke daily too but sometimes If I have a late one and then the alarm goes off 5 hours later Im still toasted and grumpy a f.


Yeah never thought about that i always figured lack of sleep but what your saying makes sense


Hehe on plagarism duty, I hope the bot will detect these with ease

It's good to read what you're experiencing, man.
Thanks for this

I think it also depending on the strains you're ingesting. I tend to get the cotton-mouth bit and when I have a heavy session that fog is real! Hahahaha.. Hangover.. yup


perhaps you onto something here. . . Maybe a dab of CBD before bed might counteract some of these symptons

Marijuana gives you a dry mouth when you overdo it, due to dehydration. The lack of enough water in the body can give you a headache

Stated this simply... but never once thought it possible, I can see how a hangover would occur.


You have never experience one first hand?? not even a little bit? :D


No I haven't. But considering I just started using in the last few months I'm sure there is still time for me to get one. But I only take one or two hits as needed for medical reasons. I have never over-indulged.


aaah ok. :D . So no dabs before bed? hehe :P

Cannabis is so awesome, i even like the hangovers haha


Lol, this very funny.

Mike Adam's wrote something almost similar for High Times not long ago. And yes Weed Hangovers are real mainly it is a sign of dehydration and some water will fix it.

I'd take a weed hangover over an alcohol hangover anyday. I've had many a mornings in my younger days throwing up with a pounding headin, sometimes vomitting.

While weed hangovers aren't ideal, it's typically just a fogginess and tiredness or lazyness. Honestly I don't really like smoking to the point of getting weed hangovers. It seems like a waste of weed and weed can be enjoyed fine in moderation, no need to get super duper ripped

Funny thing just like @smith mentioned, I get this super lift and strange high from coming off the weed, and it's almost like you're still high just on a different buzz. Does weed have a 'hangover'? Sure, it's more of a 'comedown' tho, and usually much more pleasant than hangovers can be. Even with red-eye and cotton mouth tho, you feel relaxed and mellow usually! I've never accomplished getting my stomach churning inside out and head like a boiled turd feeling from weed :)

Luckily I do not ever get weed hangovers. I am always good after smoking a lot and the next day and just always good haha

If it ever happened, I'd assume it was from something other than the weed.

If i stay up late and smoke a lot of weed I can feel a little hung over the next day. But then I usually do a wake n bake and wala...marijuan hangover gone.

This is well said, am still an amateur smoker and for sure I have experienced dehydration a couple of times and that is because I have crazy friends who can smoke more than I do, so while having some damn smoke sessions with them I make sure I have my water bottles around. Experienced Hangover for sure.