Rick Simpson Oil Extraction - Bud vs Trim + CBD Crystals

5 months ago

Welcome to my little #RickSimpsonOil world!

-final product class B trim oil enhanced with #CBD crystals

Up till now, #extracts were very rare on my smoking schedule and were considered a treat, once every few months. Well let me tell you something dude, things are going to change around here. As my growing conditions improved, the yields I'm getting are monster big, and I do not sell any of my supply, so finally, I can afford myself to make a bit of oil for smoking and maybe even sharing it with people who actually need it.

-things we need: trim, bud, CBD crystals, alcohol, silicone mat, heat resistant drainage dish x2, pot, strainer, bowl with cotton filter, mixing container, plastic credit card, a plastic tool for mixing and touching (optional, but its always nice to have a stick around so you don't poke your fingers in)

  • I have written an #educational guide already but at the time I did not have a clue what was I doing compared to now. -

-trim, buds and CBD crystals

For this oil extraction,
I will be using my trim from the last harvest - oil grade B, and
Green Crack marijuana cured buds - oil grade A. I could extract them both with just one big batch of alcohol, but it would be a shame to mix bud oil with trim oil. Really it would.
+0.5 grams of CBD crystals

To do this right we need:

  • Weed - 13. grams of Green Crack buds

  • Weed trimmings - 33 grams of fine sugar leaves bud trim

  • CBD crystals 100% 0.5 grams. Something that is good to have mixed in; felt too much like a junkie taking it on my finger and ingesting it, this is going to be a much better use for it.

-totally looks like cocaine, but it's not. Believe me; I've tried

  • Alcohol - Best would be ethyl alcohol but isopropyl works as well only the purification process needs more attention. You have to purify the shit out of it, best in a vacuum chamber or in a double boiler on the stove (purification is a must in both cases, but as ethyl is not harmful as isopropyl, (the later one needs more purification).


-plastic bowl with a small hole on the bottom covered with small cotton bud; it is very handy for filtering alcohol

Grind those buds up, not too much - just pass them through the grinder and into the container where are you going to mix your buds with alcohol.

Bud batch is going to be soaked in the jar, you would want to cover all plant matter with alcohol, seal it up and gently shake, or don't seal it and stir gently with a tool of your choice, for 2-3 minutes (some people leave it up to 10 minutes, but by then plant cells and matter start to dissolve).

-bud batch was washed for 25-30 seconds and poured to straining; container was filled up again with alcohol to wash bud for the second time but this time for 2 minutes. That alcohol I've just popped into the container with trim - by the pouring, it was already golden again, so a lot of good stuff remained after the first wash

Strain the alcohol through the cotton ball, coffee filter or something similar, don't pour bud material in the strainer, only alcohol. Let the alcohol solution slowly pass through the cotton to the collection tray and admire the colour!

Remaining soaked bud material drain in the container as much as you can, then pop it in a plastic bag of your choice (freezer bags are my favourite) make a small hole in the bottom and squeeze every last drop of alcohol out of it. My hands were sticky and messy so I did not get a chance to take photos of the process, but it's fairly simple.

-use only induction stoves, no open flame! The idea is to suspend the tray containing the goodness in the pan filled with hot water. I personally use a metallic strainer, some use aluminium cans cut in half. Use lower heat settings, be patient, don't forget to refill the water as it evaporates. Ventilate the shit out of the kitchen or just better do it outside

-slightly yellowish, at that point I was thinking I made a mistake with such a short wash

-dozing a spoon of CBD crystals thinking it will be enough - never tried this

-slowly but surely evaporating

It boiled down to golden film across the bottom of the tray I had to collect with a credit card and spread it over the silicone mat. It looked something like this.

-sticky icky #golden oil of gods!!!


-and they say you can't grow gold

  • The Trim Batch

-trim batch on straining; colours look much better than the first one and the smell is stronger

-beautiful, just beautiful

-evaporation has started

-adding CBD crystals to the alcohol solution (about 0.4 grams)

-be patient with evaporation, these things take time, slower the better, each of mine lasted for an hour + 20 min purification

-the temperature of the bath should be around 100-120 F (60 C), some of the terpenes get burned after that point

-when bubbling action stops keep it heated for 20 minutes more, (you can tell by the smell of weed as well) move it around the tray to make sure every last bit of alcohol have evaporated from the oil and to decarboxylate the THC in the same process (make it good for eating too)

Pour the oil on the silicone mat, but watch out, the tray is damn hot and you are a bit lightheaded from inhaling all the alcohol vapours. It is a good idea to wipe the tray dry from the outside and where condensation occurred - you don't want it in your oil.

-few drops of water sneaked in and mixed with oil; leave the silicone mat on a radiator for a while and problem solved (protect it from the dust with propagator or a bag)

-I was just delighted with the result, big fat oily worm

-squish the mass around and warm it up one last time to make sure alcohol is long gone. You will feel the strong overpowering smell of victory by now.

-#oil porn all the way dude, it's just wonderful to play with it and build layers overlapping it

After the radiator treatment collect as much resin you can on one place, to make thing easier, I've placed the mat into the freezer so all bits and pieces are sticking to each other with ease.

-still a bit icey; be careful of pieces flying off - like the small bit in the middle

-roll it, smudge it, overlap it one last time and make sure you have all the yellowish stuff collected

-big beautiful rock of RickSimpsonOil

- pure Green Crack bud oil V.S. trimmings oil

1.18 grams in total yield from 13.5 grams of green crack bud (+0.1g CBD)
1.55 In total yield from 32 grams of fine trimmings (+0.4g CBD)

There may be small weighing mistakes, but I'm very surprised by the results, there is still a lot of room experimenting and learning.

Of course, I have tried both of them - in joints and on my rig but now I am just too tired to write a smoke report, but everything in its time. Hope you have enjoyed our chill time together, that you've learned something and had massive amounts of fun looking at the pics.

Stay fat and oily!


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Reading this I experienced a little bit of your pleasure, joy and delight.......your approach to weed (not exchanging it for money, instead intending to share) is one I admire and aspire to when the time comes and I can grow again.

Resmoked for when that time comes and I can make some golden bargeoil with my juicy surplus lol. Thank you for sharing and conveying so much energy and enthusiasm in spite of being tired 🔆.


Thanks dude, this really means a lot. It's so cool to know that someone somewhere is fascinated with the thing that you're doing and inspiring them to make a step further in the future. No matter how tired, I will always have time for good people, plants and all of you Smoke family! I don't want to sound like those crazy environmentalists but let's make this planet green again, if we have to start with oil here on Smoke, let it be. :)


Thank you and same here - I always have time for genuine, authentic expression that itself conveys this contagious fascination and inspiration with living energy!

As for the 'crazies', in my opinion it is outside of socially-determined 'soundness of mind' that real sanity is to be found - on the peripheries and way beyond! R.D.Laing once said "Just because a flock of birds is flying in formation does not mean that they are 'on course'; and just because one bird is flying out of formation does not mean it is 'off course''' :D.

This goes straight to our recipes and guides channel in our server. Amazing work. thanks


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Thanks dude! It's an honour! Soldier on.

Very interesting read. One can feel the love in doing that by your post.


Thanks man, especially coming from a man with higher spiritual awareness and madly good texts. Loads of love and time went into this one, as I felt last time I've missed a lot of important points, and oil is important.

Wow, good job! One learns something everyday. Thanks for sharing.




Thank you for reading and resmoking, sorry for such a late reply dough. :)

Really good post, I had a quick read over it. I suggest that you try use ethanol that was denatured with something that is safe for human consumption or food grade ethanol it is way safer than isopropyl alcohol. I wrote a post about it here:


Thanks dude, yeah probably you are right I should of have spent more time explaining differences between isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. Anyway, isopropyl is not good if you plan to leave some alcohol in solution it or for ingestion. But these quantities are so low if you purify it properly there is nothing from alcohol to be left in the oil. But yeah I agree if you have a choice go with Ethyl alcohol!