Who wants to be the third receiver of the Weed book

last year

If you have been around awhile

Then you might remember mention of a weed book found while out shopping one night. I read it, then @gr8fulmag420 read it and now it is someone else turn to receive the book to read then to pass along to another smoke.io user.


This is gonna be the weed book that travels around the world

So here are the rules of getting the chance to receive the book.

  1. You have to read the book and add your signature and date of the day you pass it off. (Don't write huge so we can fit a lot of names and dates.
  2. Make a post that you are passing the book on and the rules.
  3. You must be willing to ship the book to another smoke.io user when you have read it for this experiment to work.
  4. Pick a winner from your post to ship the book off to.
  5. How you pick the winner is up to the person shipping the book. They can personally pick or use a randomizer.
  6. Ship the book to the new receiver and repeat.
  7. Use the #travelingweedbook

How to get your chance at getting the book next

Tell me in the comments below
I agree to all terms
I will assign a number to you and use a randomizer to pick the next receiver.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and lets watch where the book travels to.



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@tecnosgirl I agree with all the terms. Hoping for a lucky digit :D


You have been assigned number 1 good luck

I can ship! Consider Me In Agreeance.


You have been assigned number 2 good luck

I agree with all terms!


You have been assigned number 3 good luck

I agree with all the terms


You have been assigned number 4 good luck

I agree to terms! 100%


you have been assigned number 5 good luck

This is a great way to share the knowledge! Each reader Will receive 100% upvote from this account. Pease post each reader so I can continue to pass out the votes!


Oh yeah knowledge is good benefit but personally I want to see how far it will travel.

I WILL AGREE TO THE TERMS! I wanna read and pass the big book o weed! <3


You have been assigned number 6 good luck