The easy way to clean a chillum

6 months ago

I clean my chillum frequently

As I smoke out of it more than any other device I have. But I clean all of them frequently as I do not like smoking out of any pipe that is too dirty. And my chillum gets dirty. But I have found an easy way to clean my chillum. I took a paperclip and bended it into a straight tool to push the resin out of the pipe. Which I then wipe on some toilet paper. Though when I was younger I saved it in an old medicine container for those hard up times. But I stopped doing that years ago so I wipe it on toilet paper now to throw out as you don't want to flush it down the sink as it will eventually clog your sink.



Once I get most of the resin out

I heat up the bowl to loosen the resin the the bowl as the heat makes it loosen up. Then once I have heated it up I use a little bit of tissue to wipe most of the resin out of the bowl.



The final step to getting the rest of the resin out

Is a hot water flush this part I do let go down the sink as it isn't very much. I run a little hot water through the pipe and then all that is left is to dry it up.


Fresh and clean

Just as clean as the day I purchased this 20 years ago. This is always how I have cleaned this pipe. And always will till the day I die or the day the pipe breaks because I am sure it is likely to happen eventually.

Now all that is left to do is pack it

I have some Blue Guava that I am packing into it. Then I am going to kick back and smoke it. I don't clean all my pipes this way as most require alcohol or pipe cleaner to clean but this is how I highly recommend cleaning a chillum. Makes it easy and quick and no chemicals needed to break it loose.


Clean pipes are important

As dirty pipes can carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. So clean your pipes regularly. Especially if you share them with friends during smoke sessions. It will help prevent you from getting sick. You wouldn't put a toilet seat in your mouth so don't put a dirty pipe there either.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass. I am off to smoke that bowl.


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That's a very thorough tutorial on how to clean your Chillum. I feel like you could make how-to clean your dirty weed-resin covered pipes and bongs Udemy course and have this be the first chapter. I bet you to make a couple dollars. BTW thank you for including one of my today's weed news posts one of your pictures. Stay Up @tecnosgirl!


I like to show that when I have packed a new bowl that it is a picture from that session and not a recycled one. It is part of the reason I do that. Hmm not a bad ideal, I might have to make a series on that.

I don't like using metal.. I prefer the bamboo skewers that you make shishkabobs with.. I've broke many pipes using metal


Chillums are the only ones I use the paperclip with and have had this one for 20+ years and my other chillum for over 15 years. the bamboo skewers are too big in diameter for the ones I have but I might have to see how that works with my other traditional pipes

It is the best way how to keep clean. You are so safe and everyone must do the same thing as you do cleaning your pipe, removing some residues.