Did I make a Mistake by Sending Smoke Coin from Bitshares to Smoke.io by This Ways, Help Me Please!!!

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I have sent smoke coin from bitShares wallet to my smoke account (This Account), but the way that I used by using how we claimed SMOKE from airdrop a few months ago by filling the address: smoke-network and memos: swap?u=username (after checking a username from smoke.io airdrop page), but after using the ways I didn't receive smoke coin from my bitShares wallet yet into this account. Anyone can help me, please...!

I will describe the problem by following this step:

  • First step, I sent smoke coin from this account to my Rudex account, and it was succeed.

  • In rudex account, I can see my smoke balance received (red marked), and then I try to sent it to my bitShares wallet and its also succeed (yellow marked).

  • Till then, I try again to send my Smoke coin from my bitShares wallet to my smoke.io account (@seifan-lj) in the same quantities (197.678 Smoke) by using Address: smoke-network and Memo: swap?u=seifan-lj as its shown in many smoke users post about how to send Smoke from bitShares to smoke.io account, but what a poor me! by this time I just didn't receive that coin, and when I see through the activity log, it is shown that I was sent it to @smokenetwork only by nothing shown my memos.

I have search through the Block Explore, and I didn't find any log directed to my transaction whereas should be 197 smoke sent to me! I know that's not to much coin that I was sent, but in here what I want to ask, especially to @smokenetwork itself, did I make a mistake by deposit into my smoke.io account through that way, using memo: swap?u=seifan-lj & address: smoke-network?

I hope @smokenetwork will give me a positive solution regarded my problem! 197 smoke was sent to @smokenetwork and, but it should be to my account and I knew it wasn't much as many other by this is the lesson/experience to me in contributing through smoke.io in future.

Thank a lot for hearing my problem @smokenetwork, and I also hope there're a positive assist or guide from another smoke community related about my problem, Thank a lot everyone...!

Did I make a Mistake by Sending Smoke Coin from Bitshares to Smoke.io by The mentioned Ways above?

Help Me Please!!!

Hope to hear from you soon @smokenetwork!

All the best,

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I think you did something wrong.
Burger menu -> Withdraw -> SMOKE
Your right address is only: seifan-lj

On the Bitshares blockchain you will get the memo: smoke:seifan-lj

Only SMOKE can be withdrawn like that. Rudex.smoke needs to use the normal withdraw function on Bitshares.

I believe only the bitshares smoke and not the rudex.smoke can be withdrawn that way.

While I don't have a solution, if I were you I would jump on the Discord and ask about the situation, hoping that a higher-up would see it.
Someone with account access might be able to send back the erroneously sent coin.

As others have said. You sent Rudex.Smoke which you must click withdraw to withdraw..

I will make sure to send your Rudex.Smoke back to your bts account today so you can try again.


Thanks a lot, mr. @stoner for your support...
but, I didn't receive my smoke coin on my bts account yet. Btw, what type of bts wallet of mine you sent it back...


Just gone and done the exact same thing after being away from smoke for a while. facepalm.
Sent to smoke-network with memo swap?u=jezsmith720 .
Any help would be mad appreciated so i can get back involved smokin' !
2 transactions as shown below - Capture.JPG


For anyone with the same issue in future, rudex.SMOKE (1,502) came back to my bitshares/rudex account , the SMOKE (745.173) eventually arrived to my smoke.io wallet, not sure if any intervention was needed to make this happen, but appreciated if so.

Anyway to correctly send rudex.SMOKE from bitshares to your smoke.io wallet...

Set the withdrawal address as;

Set the memo as;


Glad all is sorted.. I manually sent back the rudex.smoke and co incidently Rudex was having node issues at that time.


many thanks buddy.