WHAT IS THC? - All You Need to Know

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THC is likely something you’ve heard about and don’t really know much more, other than it is in marijuana. THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. Saying THC is far easier and with the legalization of medical marijuana, THC has gotten a lot of attention by a far wider audience. Let’s explore TCH and everything that you should know about this mysterious ingredient.

THC – It’s all About the Plant

THC is a psychoactive phytocompound. Let’s take that apart a bit for you. Phyto means ‘plant’ which simply tells us that THC is a compound that is formed by a plant. Psychoactive means that it has an impact on the brain’s ability to function. In fact, THC can cause impaired cognitive function, loss of fine motor skills, reduction in reaction time, hallucinations and even paranoia.
THC is found in medical marijuana and is cultivated from the cannabis sativa plant. Many different strains of the sativa plant have been bred and created to have THC in higher levels and more potent in their consistency.
In fact, some of these strains are intensely strong and someone using it for the first time may feel quite out of sorts. When prescribed, this effect may be very comforting to someone in extreme pain; allowing a person to ‘get out of the head’ when they are in pain can be therapeutic.

Cannabis sativa is only allowed for use in 8 states in the United States while remaining criminalized in the other 42. In order to grow cannabis sativa, farmers have to have special permits, pass background checks, and also have safety regulations in place.
The growing industry is regulated heavily, and cannabis sativa is treated as a controlled substance.In states where it is legal to use medical marijuana, it must be purchased from a licensed dispensary and be prescribed by a doctor.
Some states also require that the patient hold a card that identifies them as someone who can legally possess and purchase medical marijuana. If you purchase medical marijuana in one state legally, you cannot transport it across state lines. If you are caught in Wyoming, after leaving Colorado, you can expect to be arrested on a felony drug possession charge.
Some states, due to the legalization wave that has been started by states like California, Colorado, and Oregon, have eased possession charges and will not actually file charges at all if you have a small amount on your person.
They seem to be going after dealers only. Most states in the southern US are going to impound your car and put you in jail over possession of marijuana. Beware of the law where you are.

You also don’t want to get caught in an airport in a country or state where marijuana is illegal. Some countries will detain you for having any form of cannabinoid in your possession, even CBD oils that have little to no THC in them. While science is moving ahead and making clear positive arguments for the use of cannabis in easing pain and as a therapeutic resolution to symptoms of chronic pain and auto-immune diseases, laws have not moved forward as quickly.

Can THC Be Toxic?

THC and most cannabinoids are fat soluble. This means that they are stored in the fat of the body because they can be stored in fat. THC can stay in your system from 3 to 10 days and if you are someone who has used cannabis with THC for extended periods, it may show in your system for as long as 3 months. 

Drugs tests for marijuana use are specifically checking for THC in your system.  THC itself has not been proven to be toxic in humans but some animals are unable to process it from their systems the way humans can and they may develop unhealthy levels in their bodies. 

Dogs can develop toxicity over time but typically would need to consume more than 3 grams of THC before they would be in serious trouble. Just be aware of some risk and perhaps take precaution to put your dog outside when you use marijuana? Marijuana and THC have never been proven to be addictive in terms of withdrawal symptoms. 

You won’t get cramps and vomit, get chills or violently ill if you stop using marijuana or THC oil. You will likely miss how it made you feel, particularly if you used it for pain that is not resolved, but you can stop using it whenever you’d like. 

Alternative to THC

Learn more about THC at Vitaleaf Naturals and if you’d like to find out how you enjoy some of the same benefits for pain while still using a natural plant product, consider using CBD oil available through them. CBD has no effect on the brain yet does all of the pain relief and nausea relief that you came to expect from THC and medical marijuana.

CBD is available in all 50 states and if CBD isolate is used, with zero THC in it, you’ll have no fears of failing a drug test. This is a large reason that people fear using marijuana.

If you are in one of the 42 states that don’t make allowances for medical marijuana, CBD oil can be the answer for you that will not terrify you to be caught with. Anyone can order CBD oil online without a prescription and it is also 100% safe for pets and children, should they be a concern for you.

Some people are now giving CBD to dogs to help with anxiety and pain or to children for sleep issues and ADHD symptoms. When THC isn’t an option for you, give CBD a chance. You may be shocked at how great it works. 

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CBD doesn't work for pain relief without some THC that is why some people are trying CBD products and getting no relief. and even that .3% that is legal in all 50 states isn't effective enough. I hate how CBD is being promoted like it is it's cousin when it is not. Plus there are other plants that produce CBD other than Cannabis and Hemp. So many of those CBD products without THC are not even HEMP products. It is frustrating for those of us who have been trying to get this plant legal for decades to see how this shit is being marketed.
If you are going to buy CBD to treat your pain make sure you are buying some with some THC in it, because THC and CBD work together and if you take too much of one out, you are wasting your time and money.

Welcome, @sandrajuliana. I am looking forward to your content!


Thnak you, Mayb.