The Volcano Process (with some Rocket Fuel)

5 months ago


Weight it out

I always weight out my packs. As you can see my scale (which is new by the way) is covered in kief dust. I selected some Rocket Fuel and weighed out 0.20 grams. I've found 0.15 is effective but the flavor really is a lot more pronounced with 0.20. I will go as high as 0.30 grams, but I have been trying to keep it closer to 0.2 with my lungs still in rough shape.


Grind it up, pack it up

Just like you would do with a bong or a pipe, I grind up my flowers and pack them into the chamber. I try to make sure I got a nice even distribution over the screen before adding in the plunger and putting the bowl on the volcano.



The volcano takes a while to pre-heat and is necessary to do. So I usually turn it on before I start weighting everything out. If I get the bowl ready before it's fully heated I may sit it on there to get the buds to begin heating up. The Red button the heat on and off, the Green button turns the fan on and off.


Fan On, Bag on!

I do things a bit different than a lot of volcano users. Most connect the bag before putting the chamber onto the volcano. I put the chamber on, then turn the fan on, and when the vapor starts, I connect the bag. This prevents any air from getting blown into the bag before vapor is being produced. We would not want air contaminating our delicious vapor.


Fill up and cool off

It takes a minute or so to fill the bag up with such a big bag. Many people use smaller bags, and some people will fill the bag up with the same chamber several times. I do one big bag. I find that the taste is not good on bags after the 1st, so I keep it to one and make it a good big one.


Good to go

After 30-60 seconds of cooling, it is good to go! It's not that complicated of a process, but the volcano is large and only really good for at home use. For a lot of people this isn't a practical method of consumption. I personally love it for a more delicate expression of terpenes, and I honestly believe it gets me higher than anything else. I am planning on doing a full review of the volcano to come, but I wanted to show everyone the whole process of using it the best I could.

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These things are cool, but there's nothing like sparking up a finely rolled blunt, and the flavor of the first few pulls.


I was never a big fan of the tobacco flavor and my lungs struggle these days lol

Very cool post. I have a craft handheld vaporizer by storz and Bickel, the same company who made your volcano, and I love it. Remember you can use your left overs for cooking! The already vaped bud is decarbed and ready to be infused into butter! I infuse got chocolate every once in a while with only a few bowls worth of vaped bud and it medicates me very well! Cheers!


My buddy was just telling me about that vaporizer today. Said it's like a hand held volcano. I gotta see and try it to believe it, but he got me into the volcano to begin with so he knows his stuff.


How do you find cleaning the head unit? I've got 3 mighty head units I've thrown aside because they're so nasty. They really need to work on making the cleaning process easier in their next models.

Let's talk about numbers. How many joints could this bag replace? I get between 3 and 5 joints out of 1 g which is 0.2 - 0.33 g/J. That bag looks like it could wreck someone for a longer period of time for the same amount of herb.
My biggest concern is that I'm gonna buy it, use it a few times and then it's gonna collect dust somewhere in the dark corner.


I would try to find someone with one to try it out. If your ever in Chicago, you can come try mine. I believe it is very efficient and economical. Like I said you can get away with doing bags of 0.15 g. I feel this gets me way more wrecked than 1 joint would. The flavor is 100x better too.


No joke about the flavour, tobacco in joints is fuckin nasty


It's so efficient it can take the amount for a joint and make it feel like way more than a joint imo

Never tried volcano hits. I kind of have a feeling it is gentle, especially when you cool it.


Super tasty is why I really love it


Gentle? Hmmm, I disagree, it packs QUITE a punch and vapor or not, gets you COUGHING like crazy!!!
Still WAY worth it, but VERY tricky, as opposed to what one might expect from vaping...


It's not too tricky to use once you've learnt how to properly use it, but aye if you're blasting the max temp it can be pretty harsh


Depends on the temp you vape at, max temp is just shy of combustion imo

I still give props for taking these fat bags of stale smoke.. haha


No offense, but I don't think you know what your talkin bout here homie lol


If you come back to it like 2hrs+ later it is kinda stale, but it's still viable 👌

I prefer small handheld vapes, I used to have a volcano but sold it & know it's passed through many hands because it's just too efficient at what it does.

It's pretty cool to flex with a 6ft long bag & put multiple bowls through it, but it's overkill for sure.


I have never done a 6 fter. I think my bags are probably about 2.5 to 3 ft.


You can use turkey basting bags, they're very long, you'll need to keep refilling the bowl to fill it up fully. It's OP haha!


You do need a second pair of hands to help get the vape out as it empties with a 6 footer though haha

Great article. Love the process descriptions. Very thorough.

I might try to get my old one back because of you.