Finally got a new scale, reducing my bags to .15er's. A closer look at using the Volcano (Smoke Exclusive)

6 months ago


New Scale

I finally got a new scale, mine broke a few weeks back. I have been lazy in placing an order for one but was ordering some other things on Amazon so I added on to the order. I typically do .25 - .3's and without a scale may have been going as high as .5's. My lungs were getting crushed.


Testing out .15er's

I'm giving .15'ers a try to give my lungs a rest and see if that helps with reduce my coughing. I need the medicine and I enjoy vaporizing it but if I really need to, I can switch over to RSO for a bit.


Not bad for .15

Still produces a good amount of ground bud for the volcano, I might just be getting excessive with .3's and higher.


Full coverage

It fully covers the screen in the chamber which is what you really want with the volcano. Anything more is extra. I always like the extra for the extra intensity on the terps.


Thick vapor

It still produces nice thick vapor that tastes great and is incredibly potent. One of the nicest things about the volcano is a little bit goes a long way. You could even put .1's in there and get 10 bags out of a gram. I know your not getting 10 joints out of a gram, and each bag will hit ya harder than a joint. It's worth the investment.



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Your volcano bags are new to me. This is helpflul. Vol bag tutorials would be awesome. What is the benefit? This is a q for your tut!


I will do so! They go with the Volcano Vaporizer. It is by far the best vaporizer I have ever experienced. A lot of vaporizers use conduction which is head directly touching the buds. This one is a convection vaporizer, hot air is blown over the buds to produce the vapor. I have used other convection vaporizers but none as good as the volcano. The volcano just produces the most powerful and best tasting vapor I have ever experienced.


Much appreciated. I consider you the THC consumption pro from our talks in #canna-curate!

I love the blunts though!

Volcano bags definately are very economical.. but it's so much easier to pass a joint around.. 😀


Is it? I think they pass just as easily, less rolling too :P

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How do you find the grinder?