Been coughing a lot lately, someone suggested it could be the screen in my volcano. (Smoke Exclusive)

6 months ago


The Problem

Lately I've been coughing my ass off even just vaping the volcano. I had a friend suggest that my screen was possibly clogged up with old stuff causing extra irritation. I also think it could be because my scale broke and I may have been over filling the chamber for my lungs ability to handle with such chronic bud.


New Screen

The screen I was using was a screen that is made for concentrates, so it's really thick, mesh like screen. I could see how particles could get caught up in it. I switched back to the original style screen, which is quite thin. I'm also putting in less bud, and it's much easier on my lungs. I'm surprised what a big difference it's made. I'll have to try filling the chamber with too much again to see how it effects me. I think the volume had a lot to do with how bad it was making me cough. If you think about it, more bud means a higher particle density in the vapor.



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I'll have to try filling the chamber with too much again to see how it effects me.

What are you testing here, vulcano or yourself? :)


haha, I guess I kind of changed two things at once so there is no control for which change is having an effect.


I like how you think. Stoner type of logic :)

I really need to try one of these. I did a long time ago, but I would love to revisit and really judge if I like it or not.


Bro, it is a game changer. The flavor is unrivaled. I could never go back honestly, I don't feel like I can properly judge bud at the highest level without this tool.

I see what your doing here, and i like it!

Never did that volcano thing...
One more thing on my hit list!

Smoke on!

I clean my screen with a jet lighter, burns nice.