Keeping this platform attached to Cannabis

last year


Due to new people discovering; where majority of them post spam, cannabis unrelated material and cross-posts from other platforms that has nothing to do with Cannabis; I have a need to try and do something about it. I will create copy/paste post that I will manually post as comments on all of the irrelevant material. This post will also be a part of the attachment. is Cannabis related community and blockchain. This platform is for Cannabis related posts and topics, we can all agree on that. It is up to us to do something if this is being neglected. Most of the people that are here only for the quick earn do not care about the site being “clean” of spam. We need to explain in a friendly way why it is for the best to keep it focused on Cannabis. For now whales are doing decent job, but we are starting to grow and more and more spam is in “latest post” tab and there is certainly a need to do something about that. I have seen some of the members of the community doing this, commenting that author’s material is irrelevant to us and will not be rewarded, but few people is not enough. I will not name them as there is no need to draw attention to them.

This is encouragement to all other people that want to keep this platform spam free to do something like this. When you see someone posting something unrelated give them a friendly advice in comment. If you notice people are ignoring the advice, flag them.

Post for irrelevant material:

Hi Friend, I am commenting on your post because I noticed one thing.

Your content is not related to CANNABIS in any way.

We as a community strive to keep this platform associated to Cannabis and all regarding this culture. This is what you can read in the whitepaper. Also, this will be more beneficial to the value of the platform and price of SMOKE, which is the whole point of all this journey.

I would advise you to stop posting irrelevant material and start posting material that is related to this subject. There are plenty of topics to cover. Some of them would be: photograph of wake n bake, smoke spots, grow blog, strain reviews, poems about cannabis, digital art, video promotion, history, medicine, researches, paraphernalia, contests…
If you do not smoke or do not have anything related to this, be a part of the community by commenting other posts and curating. This way you will earn much more than spam posting.

This was just heads up and a friendly advice as sometimes posts like these might get flagged, especially if you continue to post after warnings. All the best in your adventure here!

[More information about why I do this can be found here] (LINK TO THIS POST)

Smoke ON, Stress OFF!

I would appreciate if you have any thoughts on this idea, if you support it or not, why and what should be different in approach to comment below. All critics will be accepted.

#cryptosmokers #curationbro #smoke


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Yeah....I will often ask them one simple question..... "How is this post related to Cannabis ? " .... then remind them that is for Original Cannabis Content..... usually they don’t answer.


I know, this is the thing. But maybe after few people engage they will see it. I will try to go through comments of the spammers and reward any comment that is related to cannabis as a encouragement. Depending on my SP percentage.


Great idea.


Some of the Giant whales with MilliIons of Smoke should encourage all users to provide commentary to new users posts reminding them that is intended for Original Cannabis Content. @smoker. @officialfuzzy Etc....

If you do not smoke or do not have anything related to this, be a part of the community by commenting other posts and curating. This way you will earn much more than spam posting.

Commenting and curating are ways a non smoker can actually contribute to the community.
One can also contribute by doing studies on the subject and may be doing reviews on what he has studied and share it here. Knowledge is key

Upsmoked and resmoked.
Exacly. Some people only come here to post anything in hopes of getting something and not understanding the fact that this is first and foremost a cannabis platform. I mostly ignore those posts but I guess it was a mistake. Won't happen again for sure. You won't see leafly having an restaurant review.


I encourage you to comment on their posts.

We had a discussion about this in regards to some new people. Especially the ones from 3rd world countries dont even know what this plat form really is. So I applaud you for taking positive action to encourage and inform. Yes we need to keep it niche, but at the same time we cant scare people away by being rude, and throwing flags.


I can understand what you mean.

I think my message is delicate and politically correct.


Ill be taking the approach of leading by example. I was doing my garden updates on steem and copying and pasting it with a few tweaks and putting on smoke at same time. But now I will do separate post here and on steem for my updates. Now with my Smoke.og project is just for Smoke.


I do not mind, personally, crossposting as long as it is related to cannabis.


Cross posting is a form of plagiarism, I have some issues with it. If you are going to post about a particular subject you need to write clean pieces for each site, with disclosures you are written about the subject before with links to where the first post and all other post can be found.

I'd keep their post history in mind though, if they're posting 95% cannabis content then an off topic topic isn't the worst. I feel that people will stop spamming if their posts simply get no rewards.

I do feel that opposing all non-cannabis content might deprive us of /r/woahdude style content which is kinda cool when stoned.


True. We might loose some interesting stuff, but if the post is offtopic and really interesting for me I will upvote it.
problem is most of the ones I see are straight up spam like the photos of some flowers and s***, I don't think I have ever found something original that blow my mind here.

Thanks for sharing. All you've said is true, it is only by focusing on the subject matter of this community that we can achieve the community goals... let's stay focus on the purpose of the ccommunity.


Thank you for the notice. Keep on curating. You are doing great.

And I would add we are not STEEMIT people we are SMOKE. If you are posting cannabis stuff on steemit okay but keep what you post here original, no one is going to come to smoke if the stuff is cross posted. And If you use Steemit in a title here I will likely come off as a rude asshole like I did last night on solo cup challenge post that in the title mentioned a similar contest on steemit. NO NO NO that is not cool at all. Steemit is not niche first off, but we are, if you want to promote smoke on steemit, that is fine because of how steemit is being non niche. But smoke is different, steemit has nothing to do with Cannabis, so it is not okay IMO to advertise crap going on at when the point is to keep engagement here, because the more engagement the more value is added and the more value added means the smoke token rises in price and then we all win.

I know I came off as an asshole last night and I am far from being one really, just at that point I am losing patience for the stupid shit, most of these people doing it are not new to the blockchain, they know better or they should know better. And cross posting is a form of plagiarism, it is called self-plagiarism. I am eventually gonna get fed up and start flagging the stuff across all the platforms I find it on, because I am on all the platforms too. And I can keep my content exclusive to every site I participate on and everyone else can too. You actually make better friends and rewards that way too.


I can imagine how you lost nerves regarding the subject.
I always try to explain the good way. Nice way. But it is really easy to lose shit when you see the amount of shit here.
Like this one, I don't usually flag but I had to do when I saw it


Thanks for the post and the information @psyceratopsb, i really appreciate because before now i never know that was mainly for cannabis related post, but just find out recently and I know that others who are like me also would also benefit from this post.


Good to know some people that need to hear this actually heard it.

Thank you for this. You will have my flag at your will for real shit post. Just tag me in the comments or drop it to my discord.
Thanks for help with this battle


I have seen you on the first front almost all the time. Infantry division.

We need to keep people informed and guided...
And users who don't comply to comunity's standards and keep ignoring advices should be flagged...


I can agree with flags, but they are expensive for me and I would rather spend my SP on rewarding, rather than flagging.

Good job man.
You have hit the nail on the head with your words above.
Let's hope they listen.


We will see. It is up to all of us to do something.

then remove offtopic! so that people do not get confused. if there is no this section, then there will be no problems!


Hello :) Well people need to understand this is primarily a network for the cannabis community. Cannabis users occasionally have off topic posts [key word-occasionally]
Off topic is not bad but what I would like to see on smoke is a 90:10 cannabis to off topic ratio :)


In my opinion off-topic subjects are like thoughts on weed, munchies, that crossword...most of the material, if not all should be about cannabis. I do not understand why people do not get it.As I have written before. Why do you not promote blog posts on porn sites. Because they are not porn. It is that easy.

Yes from time to time, even I have been known to upsmoke, it is great to have some content in offtopic to kill some time, but it should be mostly about cannabis and something that might be interesting to smokers and stoners. After all thi is platform dedicated to them.
There is no point in having account here and wanting to be a part of the comunity by just posting offtopic. It would be better to comment around and curate, more earning.

Nice concept. Like the idea of keeping newbies informed. My two cents, it feels a bit like spam. Will it be ignored assuming it's a bot? Not sure. If we target the individuals mistake is a short and simple way I feel it could be more effective. I agree this would require effort but honestly I'm trying to explain to people where they are going "wrong" then and there. But I am for this idea to try and test if it works :) Well written post


I iwll not post it all the time, just from time to time. Already got few answers likeI hate this platform, fuck smoke...and things like that..

Immature children wanting money without effort and work.


Wow really? That's stupid of them to even be here but they are justifying their stupidity I see. You can tag me as well if you need some flagging to be done. I will not stand by people misusing the platform.

Thanks for helping to try and clean this place up!


I`ll do my best.