How to roll "Extended" Joints with Small 1¼ rolling papers

3 months ago

How's things? Time for a small digress from my logs.

Today we shall learn something. Well, not all of us as some of you might already know this method. Those that don't are in for a treat. I'll show you one trick that I know for so long and that has helped me in so many situations when there are hungry mouths to feed and not big enough sized papers.
I bet most of you have been there as well. Well, I have a solution that is gonna make you look fucking awesome when you do it in front of others


From now on, no place for panic, it's all in the mechanic.

So let's get started...I haven't seen this method used anywhere, I came up with it loooong time ago.

For starts get two pieces of small 1¼ sized papers. Lick half of the gum on one paper

Important notice! Depending on the side you put tip, you need to lick differently.

If you put tip like me, in left hand, lick left part of one paper. Opposite if you hold tip in right hand; lick right side of one paper.

Now glue papers together. You need to stick licked paper on different side from tip. This way you get tip glued. If it was other way around roach wouldn't be glued and it would fall apart.

zelena crta.png

If you are here and reading about this I think there is no need to explain this section. Sprinkling hash is self-explanatory, as far as I'm concerned you can put oregano if you want.

zelena crta.png

Roll it like you would normally and lick the horizontal gum, whole. Leave right, vertical paper as a "flag", do not lick it before you make sure that the glue has stick in the tip is safe.

Now we need to get rid of the flag and we shall not burn it to this time.

To make sure that one part of the paper will stick to another, you need to bend it over your finger and lick it, then fold it back and gently press it while stroking it slowly.
Hold it with your finger so they don't rip more, just licked part.
Make sure when you start ripping what's left of the paper to leave small part, don't break it like a madmen, do it firmly but carefully.

zelena crta.png

Knock it few times to make sure everything falls into its place and stroke it just make sure glue is stick and there are no holes or breaks.

Voila! There you have it

Nice looking, good burning without holes and ready to feed more mouth than his small brother, maybe impress some friends or crush...


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Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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Have a great journey!

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In rap music back in the day they'd talk about puffing Ls .. I couldn't decide if they were talking about Lbs or these L shaped extra long papers :)


First time I hear about it so can't say much ..


ha ha ha! This moment when you realize you always got something very wrong! We had some cigarettes back in the day called "ELLE" (French, sounds exactly like "L"). They were extra thin and long and were promoted as a female cigarette. :D
I always wondered about that …

oh no no... Ill never be able to do that/// so sad. Really cool though. Thanks for sharing!


Well, not with that attitude you won't...
If you'd smoke spliffs perhaps you would learn it...

so funny! Found this post just now. But that's what I have been doing for the last two days. Just that my technique is slightly different. Thanks for inspiring me.