How to Smoke and stay discrete in a country where weed is illegal

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9 months ago

As you all know i stay in a country where weed is illegal (Lagos, Nigeria) and then it is difficult being a prisoner to your own country. But all hope isn't lost here. Gandhi famously said that; “When the state becomes lawless and corrupt, civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty“ So it is a duty for people like me to willfully disobey bad laws. The Nigeria law that prohibits the use of cannabis is a good example of a bad law. This is a law that imposes the value system of prohibitionist on some set of people. They lie that the law was supposed to protect the populace from a harmful drug which can lead to madness and also make people violent. but this unsubstantiated law has no empirical or scientifical backings, in fact, science has conclusively proven the opposite to be true. But till date, we have been harassed, beaten and labelled thug by the Nigeria police and the society at large but we won't give up on freedom.

“When it becomes common for persons of good character to willingly and knowingly conduct themselves in violation of a law, which is widely seen to be unwarranted or unjust or unfair, this should cause those who enact our laws and who are tasked with enforcing or upholding the law to give serious consideration to the repeal or amendment of that law to bring it into accord with modern social values” – Judge Joanne Challenger

My first experience in Lagos almost took me to Kirikiri(Prison);

I once had a slightly terrible encounter at Toyin Street in Lagos with NPF; I took a uber drive to a restaurant called "The Place" on my way coming back, some Nigeria policemen stopped the Uber driver and told he and me to come down for a routine checkup. They searched every part of the car and then decided to search me which they didn't see anything unlawful with me. So they decided to search my phone which I declined because I had a few pictures of me smoking weed and also had about $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in my phone. After a long argument with the policemen, they decided to let me go but, one of the high ranking police officers decided to vetoes me and instructed that I unlock my phone. he said, I do not have the right to tell them not to search my phone and then I declined again and he gave me a hefty slap I lost control of the phone and i couldn't see for some seconds. And then I was forcefully taken to their station with the Uber driver. We went with them on reaching the station i decided to open my phone and i gave it to them. The first thing they notice was my coinomi crypto wallet and they checked my balance without hesitation they said I was an internet fraudster (Yahoo Boy). In Lagos most especially, having cryptocurrency in your phone is synonymous to being a "Yahoo Boy" So they checked my picture gallery and lo and behold my first 50 pictures was all beautiful cannabis flowers that I downloaded online. I was in a cell for 4 hours until my lawyer came to bail me with a fine of N10,000. Since then I became discrete with my cannabis use and pictures on my phone. I also learn never to keep cryptocurrency wallets on my phone. I always have a paper wallet in my safe box or better still keep my crypto on my laptop wallets. It was a sad experience for me.

I devise a scheme of conduct since am not ready to stop smoking weed or writing about cannabis at all. if I ever have an issue with the Nigeria police all they will be looking out for will be an exhibit and nothing more. So I devise a way to keep my plant usage detached from my personal lifestyle which I will be sharing below;

1. Don't talk about weed publicly; I use to be this passionate advocate, I talk about weed at every opportunity that I get. I became friends with a lot of stoners in my street I have also helped in changing the mindset of people around me in regards to cannabis. Had chats with non-user of cannabis until strange folks began to ask me for weed and roll papers and then i realized the need to be very careful about how i talk about weed in public. I Changed totally and pretended to have stopped smoking weed. In fact, I told them weed is bad for my health and also told them to stop coming around. I use to have about five stoners always coming to my place to smoke a spliff or two until I stopped everyone and I became the lonely stoner. If I had continued that way it will get me into trouble with the FED.

  1. Smoke indoor: this is a bit of general advice if you do not live in Ontario kindly stay off smoking weed outside of your own house. I use to hang out with my friends at a bar close to my house so we smoke and drink a lot there but we still do this with fear and i didn't like it at all. I didn't want to smoke with fear that someone will have me arrested for cannabis and I know if it happens most people will be happy. The stigma in Nigeria is killing. Most folks see cannabis users like some set of irresponsible adults or ruffians. And I do not want to be labelled as such so, I just had to keep a low profile.

  2. Properly dispose of all exhibit: We all have ashtrays at home, and then we keep the roach in any available container for god knows why! I really don't get why stoners do this a lot in Nigeria. If anything should happen and the police barge into your house they will have enough evidence to prosecute you. So always clear out all exhibit. I know how difficult it is to be overly warry at all time. It is depressing but prison is worst. Better safe than in jail for a good plant.

  3. Never keep pictures of you smoking weed in your phone: I cannot over emphasis this; never keep pictures of weed in your picture gallery. Apart from the FED family and friends can get a hold of your phone and out of curiosity go through your picture gallery you wouldn't want everyone around you to know you smoke weed in a country where weed users are presumed to be criminals and thugs. If you have to snap pictures and save them you can use any of the following apps, giphy app ,Dust (a decentralised instant messenger that allow you to save private pictures)or ImgBB.

  4. Never let your black market dealer know your house: I personally, do not allow plugs to deliver weed at my doorstep. We meet outside of my house I get my product and we all go our separate ways. It is better for both of us. Your dealer can snitch on you if the police force arrest him or worst case he send gangs to rob you of your belongings. Which they do most time. Have had bad dealers; some we pay money to and they end up not delivering the weed to us. We all know how dealers jive in country where weed is prohibited.

  5. Use stealth text or decentralized messaging APPS; I personally don't use WhatsApp if am chatting with my plug or anyone within the stoner community am always on Dust or Beechat. This are two decentralized IM apps that use an agnostic protocol which allows the user to chat with anyone using WhatsApp or telegram via their own platform. This IM messengers have the ability to delete messages from receiver’s phone, screenshot notification, and a no-name policy. So I can be chatting with my dealer and my name won't appear on his phone. So if he screen grabs our conversation they won't be any proof that I was the one chatting with him. And I can also destroy the chat after our conversation. But If you have to use WhatsApp or telegram then always use slang, emojis to pass out your message. Example=You have broccoli? get creative or invent personal slang for your stoner friends and plugs so as to thwart family members and less-cool friends.

  6. Properly ventilate your room after smoking: open all windows after smoking so fresh air can come in and then the cannabis smell can recede. it is proper you do that so your room won't have this nasty smell of cannabis everywhere.

  7. Buy substance that can mask odour: like perfume, body deodorants, liquid spray, mints and anything that can make you look normal as fuck after smoking indoor. This will allow your house to smell good. Have been to some stoner house in Lagos and it smells like they produce a thousand bag of weed from their house lol.

    Use eye drop after smoking: I know how cool it is to have those red eyes. I love them too! I'm one stoner that loves my eyes red. In fact, every time stoner like me smoke I look into the mirror to see how red my eyes are, and I do this gleefully. But if there is a need to go out then I rather wear a dark shade or use an eye drop to clear the red eyes to stay discrete.

Do you live in a country where weed is illegal? Kindly share with me your experience.

Smoke on Buddy! Till next time.

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yes, I am from a country where authorities will TOOK you away from your dwelling and HANG you to death I mean tokhang as they call it.
I can't just buy it that easy because those peddlers near us were now gone 6ft below.
DU30 will not allow Ghandi to interrupt, lol!
thanks for sharing bro, smoke on!


Check the reputation/policy of the local mayor. There are many mayors who do not approve of the War on Drugs and have instructed the police squad and sherif not to act on small level users. ;)

Of course, always stay vigilant and stealth.


good to hear that but our town mayor is the opposite of the above mentioned.
thanks for dropping by.


Ugh, sorry to hear that. Here we’re rather lucky, the Binays aren’t biggest fans of D30... but average available quality is worse than shake.


That's horrible living conditions :(

I hope you will encounter more humane drug policies in the future, might be worth moving though if your life is severely at risk..

Thank you for sharing this good idea. Wanna try this when I will be home. Now that I know the benefits, why not trying this herbs rather than buying some expensive medicine for my pain.
Thank you so much @oluwastoner