Don't get your cannabis Instagram account disabled. Here's a quick "best practices" sheet

11 months ago


As we all know, Instagram, without warning, disables cannabis profiles, while leaving others untouched. Here's a quick guide to help you make sure your cannabis profile isn't taken down.

(I will make sure to update this with more info as comments roll in)

The reason Instagram takes down cannabis profiles is for the "promotion and sale of federally illegal substances."

If you are a seller, a dispensary, or delivery service, you run the most risk. Do everything you can to stray away from talking about how to purchase. Keep it informational. Pics of products are fine. Text about product is fine. General canna/cbd info is fine.

EDIT YOUR BIO: Pepper in the words ‘informational’ ‘educational’ ‘resource’. Try to make the profile feel like an entity with info rather than a product to buy. Also pepper in “nothing illegal” or “federally legal”, “no minors” or “21+ only”, and “no sales” or “nothing for sale” good to have in the bio.

-AVOID announcing anything to do with product availability, sales, pricing, locations to purchase, and deals or specials.

-AVOID allowing comments to stay on your posts that mention any of the above. Do your best to delete any comments discussing price, shipping, etc, even comments like "where can I get this?" or "who has this?"

-AVOID putting links in post text. (it’s always fine to say ‘visit our website in our bio for more info’).... You might be okay writing in "" in post descriptions, but leave out http and www

-AVOID showing actual use of cannabis in photos. Live feed bong rips are fine. Videos of smoking is fine. A still photo of cannabis consumption is risky (holding a lit joint or lighting a bowl for example)

-AVOID using common overused hashtags: #cbd, #thc, #weed, #pot, #ganja, and #cannabis shouldn’t be used. Don't use a cannabis-related hashtag with over 1million posts. Also, don't use any hashtags relating to sales or availability (for example #wholesalecannabis). You can use geo-hashtags (for example #LAcannabis). You can also tag dispensaries. You can post what you've purchased at the dispensaries, but be vague about quantity, availability, or price.

-AVOID using hashtags that don't relate to cannabis. You don't want your canna-related content falling into hashtags used by non-cannabis people. (For example #outdoors)

About me:
I'm Brad, Instagram specialist for 8 years. I don't have the secrets to how the algorithm works however I do have valuable insight because I'm constantly working with cannabis profiles. Feel free to ask me any questions in replies and also offer insight, which I'll include in the update of this post.

More info and suggestions:

How to attempt to get your Instagram account back:

Quick guide on how to avoid the hashtag shadowban in the next post. In the meantime, always remember: NEVER copy/paste hashtags from the same list on each post.

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Even though I don't use Instagram these are really useful informations for the people that promote us

Awesome! am Re-smoking this. Thanks for the info.

Nice info, I was trying to do this kind of post, but I guess I will just resmoke this one now :D


Lemme know any additional thoughts you have I may have left out.


You pretty much covered all info I found, but the problem is that Instagram like to change its policies without notice so yeah...

Thank you for the pointers.

Wish I read this post a lot earlier than I did.
But thanks, so glad I know now how to go about cannagram accounts :)