Step By Step Means Of Buying Smoke Via Binance And Rudex Part 1 and 2 (Video Tutorial)

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2 years ago

Hello Smoke Nation, this is my first upload on Dtube and Steemit and it was nothing more than a tutorial of smoke.

I noticed a lot of my new buddy like @bmok and @dee010 want to buy some smoke to increase their smoke power and they don't know how to do that so i decided to do a video that anyone can easily use.

After having some joint with a chilled Smirnoff Ice i decided to create my tutorial. Firstly, i wanted to upload it on my thedeedtube account but i couldn't log in for no reason. This is the third time of resetting my password on that platform i don't know why! seems it is some bug or some sort. But i decided to buy a steemit account for $4 and setup dtube account just for this tutorial. Am not a steemit person my only passion is cannabis and being on a platform like steemit won't be of help to steemit person at all because of the lack of niche. Am not a fan of wide audience or mass appeal but i still opened my account for the love of smoke!

This is my video below:


After uploading my first video on Dtube i couldn't upload the second one. I got to know i will need to vote or sign in with my posting key and then i did that and also up-voted some few videos and then the error stopped.
Love my experience with Dtube.


I hope this will help my friends on the smoke blockchain and others who find it educating enough!

Thank you for reading and smoke on!

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Great guide 👍