This is how you STOP power down on

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6 months ago

I feel a post like this is necessary because the things are different than on Steemit where we simply have a stop power down button.

I wanted to stop power down few hours ago but I didn't found any button and the first thing that came in my mind is to search on google:

how to stop power down in

A lot of results but nothing clear. So I figured it out myself. All you need to do is to click again on Power Down and put the slider on 0.




I hope this post will appear no. 1 on google when people will search for it.


If you're from future (2020) and you see this post, please leave a comment. If you're from present please upsmoke it, damn we all love SMOKE, isn't it?

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Cool, I hope they will put a button for that soon.


Well, I don't think we really need that button, it's easy to stop power down like that :D


Sure, but it's not really user friendly. The easier Smoke is to use the better. Not all people are hackers like you :D


Lol, it was easy to test it! but yes, it's better with a button for newbies!